Bayonetta 3 Announced for Nintendo Switch

Looks like Nintendo is paying the bills again seeing how SEGA isn’t talking about this (despite owning the IP). At the same time, Bayonetta 1 & 2 will also be released on the Switch. So I guess I have a reason for buying a Nintendo Switch now.

There are some weird things going on in the trailer. Bayonetta is in her old design, and is outmatched against her opponent (and is actually completely disintegrated in the end). She also doesn’t seem to have the trademark mole, and her guns have odd naming differences. Some have speculated that her opponent is actually Rodin. The 3 at the end also looks like a 4. If I had to guess, this might be a prequel.

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It seems to be a popular IP.

I have never played it and would probably have skipped it if it had come on PS4 but… I cannot have enough games to play both home and on the go so it will get this for sure. I might become a fan in the end.
Hopefully they optimize it enough for the Switch.