Battlefield of the ancients

Hey would’nt it be cool of someone decided to make a panzer dragoon mod for battlefield 1942?

It could involve classic battles such as the Empire Vs the Machania Or Imperial Vs Crayman Forces

plus think of all the cool vehicles you’d be able to use

I’'d love to get my hands on one of those Kick@$$ Imperial Battle cruisers^^

Cmon id be cool…at least i think it would :slight_smile:

And yes, it’s going to be Meccania vs the Empire afaik. It’s been talked about in a couple of threads so far, LC posted a concept art piece of a meccanian soldier, too bored to look for the specific thread atm though, sorry :slight_smile:
I wonder if LC and SK will go for Battlefield Vietnam now though… The engine seems much impoved with all that vegetation around… Forest levels would be possibly with it perhaps :slight_smile:

yep :wink: just waiting to get my new ATI Radeon.

A mod like that might actually convince me to go out and get Battlefield.

Ditto. If my PC can run it.

Wow, that would actually be pretty cool. And the BF1942 engine could certainly handle battles like that, there are already flying vehicles with mounted turrets, turning one into a PD-type airship would be quite simple. Wonder what kind of levels could be made for it…