Azel's interface

Coul Azel interface with any Tower or only with teh Tower of Uru?
I’m currently writing a theory about the End of the Ancient Age and I would really like to know.

Maybe Abadd can give some more official info? :slight_smile:

Sorry. Don’t got any official info on that one. You’re on your own :slight_smile:

(Personally, I think it could work either way, but if you want to increase the importance of Azel, which is a good thing, I’d make it so she could interface with any Tower.)

it would seem like drones should only be able to interface-control their own tower/ruin/weapon/dragon/whatever but perhaps that is just another way that azel is different. however i do think that all drones and perhaps all ancient creations are able to interface-communicate with all towers/ruins/weapons/dragons/whatever.

maybe if the master is away, then any drone can play. but if the master is home, then it is them alone. :slight_smile:

BTW abadd, did you see the question i asked towards the end of the second page in the “will the tower system be brought back online” topic? the discussion quickly spilled onto the next page and the conversation changed…

There’s several questions in there, and a few speculations. Which one are you talking about?

As to the original question, I’d say that it would work either way (i.e. Azel could interface with every Tower in the world or just that one specifically). However I do get the impression that she was intended to work in and interface with the Tower of Uru by her ancient creators, basically because she was built in the Uru genetics lab which was physically linked to that Tower. Also, the Seekers and others in PD Saga repeatedly said that she was created to interface with “the” Tower, not “a” Tower (so presumably they meant the Tower of Uru).

Saying that though, every Tower in the world might simply have the same kind of standard input / uplink / interface connection, and a Drone able to plug themself into one Tower might be able to do so with them all. Either way, it’d make perfect sense.

i meant the one asking you you to clarify “the one doing the narration in PDO was the dragon” or explain a couple of things i noticed while playing through orta.

But then again, all drones are supposed to have to return to URU once in a while in order to stay alive… That could imply they are ALL created there as well.

By the way what happens now with all the Towers inactive…including URU? Are all drones going to start dieing… How come the empire never spotted a trail of drones leading to URU going there for their regeneration or whatever? I don’t want all drones to die… But I also think that it will be very cheesy/cheap if they figure some other way for them to regenerate… So I don’t know which one I prefer… Whichever they chose for the next game I hope it’s implemented well…

Now I’m confused.I guess Ill have to guess and adjust it to my theory…

I thought the implication was that Azel only needed to return to the place where she was created because she needed to undergo some unique process, something that would help her to recover from the shock / trauma / coma that she’d recently experienced?

The shock of seeing Craymen die
was too much for her.

She must return to the plant
beneath Uru in order to survive.

I don’t get the impression that it means she had to go there in general, or that any other Drones had to return there regularly.

Oh… I guess I just remembered wrong… I can’t know everything :’( bursts in tears from all these theories beating his head like hammers

Your not the only one Al3x.I think that in Saga in an Azel/Edge conversation in the camp she does mention something about drone’s “batteries”…

Azel herself said that she was the only one who could destroy the Tower of Uru. We know she wasn’t the only drone, so unless she was the only drone alive able to interface with Towers, then I’d conclude that she could only interface with the Tower of Uru. Remember, both the 7th Emperor and Craymen searched for Azel because she was the key to unlocking the Tower of Uru’s power.

Edit: On second thoughts, I think Azel was just a very rare type of drone capable of interfacing with Towers.

Function of Drone


Synchronize: control Autonomous
Units. To synchronize with complex
structures, a higher thought level
is needed. But a unit at this
level may create its own identity.
Thus production of this type of
unit is strictly prohibited.

Was Azel the only “emotionful” drone?

Azel was obviously one of the few higher end drones. Whether she could interface with any Tower or not is unknown. Perhaps the Empire also knew that the type of drone necessary to activate a Tower was rare, so when the Imperials learned of Azel – a drone designed to destroy a Tower by interfacing with it – they nearly burst a gasket with joy.

Where exactly is it mentioned that Azel was stole/modified by drones?

Craymen said that Azel’s purpose, or ancient duty, was to break into the Tower of Uru and destroy it from the inside out by interfacing with it, and that was why the Emperor searched for her. We know she was stolen while still incomplete, and we know the ancients wouldn’t programme one of their own drones to destroy one of their own Towers, so we can only draw the conclusions that Azel was modified.

The Emperor dind’t want to Destroy the Tower surely.I wonder what made Craymen said that that was her ancinet duty…

What exactly did the Rebels change then…

I thought Craymen wanted Azel to activate the tower… And that’s what the Emperor wanted as well, thinking that he could control it for his own purposes (fool! heh)
And yeah true, that ancient purpose of destroying the Tower could only have been given to her by the rebels or someone else that opposed the TWOTA…

Maybe her original purpose was to be the Tower’s Guardian along with Atolm Dragon kind of like the Dark Dragon and Dark Rider of PD1…

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]I thought Craymen wanted Azel to activate the tower… And that’s what the Emperor wanted as well, thinking that he could control it for his own purposes (fool! heh)
And yeah true, that ancient purpose of destroying the Tower could only have been given to her by the rebels or someone else that opposed the TWOTA…

You are contradicting yourself.If she was meant to activate the Tower she wasn’t going agehnst TWOTA.

Eh? I never said she was meant to do that, I said that I thought CRAYMEN wanted her to do that. And the EMPEROR wanted to get her to do that to control the Tower for himself.

And then I went along to comment on what Geoff said and say that he’s right to think that her ancient duty of DESTROYING THE TOWER could only have been given to her by someone who opposed the TWOTA, ie the rebels…