Azel98's art

This one is quite nice. I always wondered if Azel’s hair could come loose like that or if the underlying structure is rigid (similar to Abadd’s “pony tail”).

I think with these drawings if you start trying to improve the quality, only submitting the best ones to the site, that would be best. As mentioned in the other topic, I don’t want to diminish the overall quality of the site’s fan art gallery with too many of these lower quality pictures.

I made some Panzer Dragoon Saga Fan Art of Azel Being Critical Towards Edge.

Happy Halloween!:anjou_happy:

Look like Sonic Have some More Competition ! Here is some fan art of Azel in Sega all Star Racing Series Riding her Trademark Floater Hovercaft From Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Her all Star theme would be this:

I Remade this Scene out of Rick and Morty. What if Edge and Azel Didn’t Make it out of the Sestren in Time and the Ancient Detected Azel and Edge Presence with Actived the Sestren Computer Virus Before Azel lock the Key.

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Remeber that Scene when Edge When to Juba’s Bar

I have a suspicion someone is pulling our leg, with these topics…All of this is just too corny…:anjou_embarrassed: I could be wrong,… I guess I’ll have to eat my shirt if I am lol…

Azel and Orta Are spinning like Big Giant Tornadoes with her Robotic Powers

I draw Pow the Dog from Skies of Arcadia and Lagi From the Panzer Dragoon Series Ren and Stimpy Style

I made some more fan art of Azel

I made some Fan art if Azel as a Pilot for the Seekers and help Paet on his Imperial Ship

While tracking some treasure as a Seeker Gash Comes a Cross a Mythological Diamond shape that oddly looks like the Master Emerald Shard or woohoo Shard. Penn and Knuckles is Trying to Stop Gash Before me Cash the Jewel to Jared The Shopkeeper at the Seeker StongeHold.