Azel = Shinohara Tomoe?

I just saw her on TV yesterday, and I’m not sure if it was her makeup or her hairstyle.
The AZEL novel was lying next to the TV remote, so I just saw Azel’s face on the cover.
It might be Azel’s designer got inspired by this Idol (maybe he saw her picture in a lifestyle magazine), her great time was maybe about 7 or 8 years ago.
I’ll try to record the show if it’s get repeated.

All I know is, is that another J-pop singer, Sakamoto Maaya provided the voice for Azel. >.>

But they sure removed the high energy side of Shinohara Tomoe (who also starred in the 2001 Gojira movie by the by) if she was the base for Azel.

Yeah, I guess it’s just the face, not her character.
However she played a very quiet and sincere role yesterday…

But now that you mention it… you may be on to something.

Who was the lead character designer for AZEL?

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Who was the lead character designer for AZEL?<<

Katsumi Yokota

I can see what you’re getting at with this picture: … /title.gif