"Azel Resurrection" (Panzer Dragoon Saga remake concept)

Nice concept art/models. What do you all think of this? I seem to remember discussing the ability to manuver over/under enemies with @Geoffrey a long time ago.

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Looks very very nice, but assuming it is fan work- not so much by the quality, but the type of announcement. Pretty rare anything would get announced/ leaked like this

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Hope it’s real but April fools wasn’t too long ago…

I want it to be real, but I doubt it is. It’s not possible for me to believe it and get too excited unless it’s officially announced.

I would expect an emulated HD upgrade of the Saturn game before a remake. And if there were a remake, it might be better to simply make a new game. PD Saga would be quite difficult to bring to a modern platform with what gamers expect these days (I agree with Solo’s analysis on this that he wrote on the main site page).

I could see this being a part of a (rejected) sales pitch similar to the proposed JSR installment for the Wii

Very nice art. Unfortunately,
I don’t think it’s real but it would be amazing of it is.

More art was posted today on 4chan. Link here.


Today is also the anniversary of the NA release date of PDS. There’s no real meaningful info in the 4chan link IMO, just the images and topic title “Panzer Dragoon Azel Resurrection Message”

edit: for those who don’t want to click the link, here are the images

Yeah, I’m not believing this. I have an idea of who may be behind this whole rumor.

Who might that be?

Not saying, because said person makes me feel very uneasy, and they probably look at this forum. We did talk about it in the discord, though.

Got it.

love the ship illustrations!!! if this is fake, I still just welcome the beautiful work that goes into this

Also feel that this group that put this together “gets it” more than many of the other efforts , updated but true

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If a Saga remake was going to happen wouldn’t Forever Entertainment be making it? If they are going to do Zwei first, there is no way they’d be starting this right now. Because, they are a small team and probably don’t have the man power to divide up the team if they were making Zwei and Saga at the same time…

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Check this out:

I like the Imperial gunship artwork, but official artwork for a remake would be way better, IMO.

We’re working on translating this on the Discord. Here’s what we have, besides what’s on the tweet above:

“Are you asking yourself the right questions?”

“What does this contradiction means (sic) to yourself? Nothing really. Why? Because you forgot that you were the Divine Visitor”

“That without you Edge wouldn’t have found the light”

We have not found the artist yet.

This made me think about possible Imperial warship designs. The normal float engine we see used for the gunships but scaled out and much larger could work (i.e. simply a scaled out gunship with beam lasers and missiles).

The Empire could use the engines as actual armor for the ships too.

@Draikin posted an article about this: