Azel PDRPG credits

I already posted this question on the temporary board but I couldn’t read the answer so sorry for asking again.

Can somebody post or show me the credits of panzer dragoon saga, not the localization credits but credits such as director, art director, etc. ? I can’t find them on TWotA.

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ps : it’s for a school work so it’s quite urgent :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, unfortunately you might be out of luck; I’m fairly sure that the Azel credits have never been translated into English. (You’ll have noticed that they appear in Japanese in even the English versions of the game, and as far as I know no one has attempted, or at least finished, a translation of them yet.)

If you’re looking to find out who specifically did what, you might be able to find some of the more prominent team members’ names without too much searching; I think the Art of Panzer Dragoon site lists some of the artists, for example, and soundtrack info sites will list some of the people involved with the music.

Incicentally, the full Japanese credits were posted in this old topic if that’s any use to you:

Sorry I couldn’t give a more helpful answer; hope this isn’t too much of a problem for that schoolwork…

Well well, Azel is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, what a pleasant surprise as I quite like her singing. n.n… let’s see who else did voice work.

Edge: Ishida Akira (Gaara of the Desert, Kaoru in NGE and Hyuga in PSU)
Azel: Sakamoto Maaya (famous J-pop singer)
Crayman: Masatoy Ibu (Actor who has been in movies such as Azumi, Gojira: Final Wars and even Empire of the Sun)
Emperor: Outsuka Chikao (Dr. Eggman, Gold Roger in One Piece and coincidentially the father of Outsuka Akio, Japanese voice of Solid Snake)
Gash: Outsuka Houchu (Jiraiya in Naruto)
Paet: Hirata Hiroaki (Sanji in One Piece)
Aaen(?): Outsuka Akio (well fancy that, he’s in it too)
Anyuu(Probably Anjou): Ishizuka Unshou (Zabuza in Naruto, Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop)

Bayman/Baiman: Takiguchi Junpei (Porunga & Uranai Baba in DBZ)
Radogamu/Radgam: Saka Osamu (Tengu in DoA2, King Fahn in Lodoss War)
Zadoku: Naya Rokuro (Gadwin in Grandia, Sensui in Yu Yu Hakusho)
Raada: Tani Ikuko (Long time actress, having appeared from sentai series such as Gachaman to anime like Galaxy Express 999)
Damon: Naka Yosuke (Nogi in GitS: Stand-Alone Complex, and voiced a character in Doraemon for 13 years)
Yaeru/Jael: Soumi Yoko (Ayame in the Tenchu series, also Evren in Orta)
Bertsu: Yanaka Hiroshi (Sora in the .Hack games, Naraku in Inu-Yasha)
Ragu: Yayu Atsuko (Satou in Detective Conan, Nobuyuki Furata in Tokyo Godfathers)
Shiera: Okamura Akemi (Nami in One Piece, Shine/Sheena in Tales of Symphonia)
Tu(a)sutaba: Okawa Toru (Roy Mustang in FMA, Ryu in the SFIII series)
Kitooru: Isao Akihiko (most likely, darn several kanji readings)
Boazu: Kosunoki Taiten (Rude in FF AC and LO, Omega in Sonic Heroes)
Kou: Hino Kachiko
Fei: Kojima Sachiko (Ironically also a motion capture actress on Legend of Dragoon)
Raul: Gotozu Atsushi
Baika: Mizuno Ryuuji (Commander in FF:AC, something in Hellsing too)
Yashido: Masutomi Nobuyoshi
Ruua: Inoe Takashi
Abuneru: Nomura Kenji (Also did several characters in Kinnikuman nisei)
Shimeon: Bandou Naoki (Emon in Shadow of the Colossus, Owen in Berserk)

Arudoo: Imai Tomohiko
Juba: Kamei Saburo (Shinkotai Taichi in Fist of the North Star)
Rooda: Korogi Satomi (May in GGXX, Menchi in Excel Saga)
Edona: Isobe Masako (Anoa in Brain Powered)
Ida: Sadaoka Sayuri (Apparently also several “Obaasan” characters, and something in Shenmue)
Bezeru: Nagasawa Nao (Pitto in Mermaid’s Forest)
Ruuden: Saitou Amane (most likely)
Enkak: Okushima Kazumi (Yamaguchi in Gunparade Orchestra)
Kodomo/Child: Koruda Yayoi (Also voiced a child in Cowboy Bebop XD)

Eh, I’ll edit the rest in later, that’s a lengthy cast. XD

Edit: oh… story, right >.>;; Let me see if I could find that within the powers of my limited Japanese.
Apparently… the director/producer is a man called Saitou Toshio… continuing. Dragon Designs by Sakai Satoshi , I presume, we also owe him big time.
There also is a man called Futagi Yukio who was the “Main writer” for Saga. This might be the guy you need.

thank you.

I don’t believe that we all love azel and we don’t even know who wrote the story !!!

edit : thx again :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Pedro The Hutt”]Emperor: Outsuka Chikao (Dr. Eggman, Gold Roger in One Piece and coincidentially the father of Outsuka Akio, Japanese voice of Solid Snake)

Dr.Eggman? Really? Ha, that’s so cool ^^ I can’t really remember the Emperors voice much…but I’m going to be looking out for similarity next I play.

I like Outsuka Chikao’s voice…don’t know why. Maybe it’s just because I like Eggman =)

For anyone interested, I finished the cast as well as I could, with additional voice roles for trivia fiends. Let’s see how far I can get with the rest of the credits. XD

Yikes I never noticed that before, I’m never going to look at the Emperor the same now… My next play through Saga imagining him as eggman should be interesting XD

I’m guessing this might be Yukio Futatsugi, who also directed Panzer Dragoon 1 (and, more recently, Phantom Dust); it was sort-of known that he played an important part in Saga’s development, but not exactly what he did. (His name gets rendered into English differently in different places, it’s given as “Yukio Futatuki” in the official Azel guide.)

Well, the problem is that the two kanji that make up his last name can be read in many different ways. Which is why in manga and such they always put how a kanji is read in little phonetic katakana right next or above them to avoid such confusion. But my bad. ^.^;;

This is also a practice done frequently in Japanese video game manuals. It makes the job of translating them a lot easier.