Azel novelization

Hi there !
Who read the panzer dragoon Azel novelization ?
Well i’m thinking to write it as a movie, so discussing about some previous transcription work can be very interesting.


I don’t think many of us can read a full-length japanese novel … I would love to know what it covers!

Me too! :anjou_love: I’m sure it took many liberties as most game novelizations do. Most of them don’t even keep the basics intact, remixing/editing characters, names, places, sequences, etc. In the end you wouldn’t even know that it was based on the game you thought it was. Notoriously, the worst offense is the abridgment of plot and via this avenue character development. Hence the reason why game novelizations have never risen to notoriety, indeed are usually frowned upon.

It must be a rather good novelization if you are basing your PD movie on it, rather than the purer source (game) itself. Personally, I’d like to see a novelization of PDS that was 100% accurate to the game and did not cut one word or alter one iota of PD canon. Indeed, it would gingerly elucidate, or unveil extra scenes that confirm the greater or well-embraced theories.

well, azel is jsut 10 hours long, so you can keep almost every event in a 2h30 movie I think, and it won’t be boring (like LOTR :p). Now i’m curious to have some opinions on the novel, how it transcript dialogues and the universe in general, for example no main events happen in the caravan but I think it’s a very important place because it confronts the “hungry for vengence” Edge to people who are just trying to survive and have much more important problems.

(well my englis is not so good but I hope you’ll understand what I think)

None of us has been able to read the novel since it’s in Japanese so we can’t comment on its events or anything else.

Well maybe Abadd or someone else has been able to but most of us haven’t even seen it in anything other than photos on the internet.

I think a good Panzer Dragoon Saga movie could be made without it being an exact word for word copy of the game. The problem is that what happens in the game, might not work so well in the space of a 2 - 3 hour movie.

I mean, unnecessary changes wouldn’t need to be made, but I think certain scenes would need to be expanded for further character development, and others would need to be cut out altogether. Movies and games are two totally different mediums, so all of the “flying between locations” sections would need to either be made more interesting or not shown at all.

Saying that, I thought that - in The Lord of the Rings for example - some things were changed too much, when they simply didn’t need to be. While I could see the reasoning behind replacing Glorfindel with Arwen to lessen the amount of characters to be introduced to, there were some other things that made my stomach churn. <spoiler, highlight to read> Sam, for example, would never have turned back when Gollum was with his master. He would have stuck by Frodo until the end. Certain minor details sometimes need to changed to make something come across as more visual or cinematic to suit the medium, but altering a character’s personality to make things appear more dramatic and “Hollywood-style” should never be done (IMO).

I was interested in working on long dragon flying travels, it’s a time when edge faces himself seeing so-called monsters struggling for survival, this journey is transforming him a lot inside. He’s discovering at last the world he was living next to.

This is for those who have the novel… where did you buy it, and when? I’m living in Japan at the moment and I’ve been unable to find it. My Japanese is quite poor, but if I got the chance to buy it, I’d try to read it with the help of my loyal electronic dictionary :anjou_happy:

Thanks in advance.