Azel import guide

I’ve been a fan of Panzer since the original came out way back in 95’. I’ve desperately wanted to play saga but haven’t summoned the courage to pay ?100+ for the U.K version. I recently bought Azel, the Japanese version, but my crappy action replay card is detected by the game which swiftly closes down my system. Please, please, please does anyone know the action replay codes to skip this detection process? I can only find codes for the U.S version. Any help would be MEGA,

Thanks, Samson

(to everyone else in forum)

Didn’t PDS:A have a kind of “I won’t work with adaptor cartridges” attitude built in?

(To Arcie) Yes, I’m pretty sure it does. I remember that cuz I couldn’t use my Action Replay with it…

My Action replaycard works!

Or rather, the way to saving games with it does. It just deals with dull task of taking the card in and out of the slot as saving means and a reset button.

Which is kinda strange.

Sorry, I dont know the code but it would be nice if I did!

Europe uses PAL video, Japan and USA use NTSC. If you don’t have one of those dealies that changes the video signal, you can’t play it.

There was a discussion some time ago at segaxtreme saturn forums about a hacked version to get ridden of this problem. But you need a modded system anyway to play the hack.
Meh, if you have that the easiest way is to just play a downloaded copy.