Azel doujin manga

I found this on ebay, I also have one of zwei that I promised to scan ages ago (and I will scan it I guess)

Sorry for not so great quality, my scanner is full of dust and shit from years of neglect. :anjou_embarassed: So I scanned at lower res to minimize the visibility of lost skin cells and nose hairs from yesteryear.

Nice comic. Although are there a few pages missing? I didn’t understand a word of it, but I enjoyed clicking through it for the character art.

Sorry I didn’t scan the inner cover pages with nothing on them as I kind of thought it was a waste of time :anjou_embarassed:

terribly sorry page 21 is missing!

I scanned it but for some reason it’s not in the ZIP, I’ll reupload in a moment.

Ok here is the new link with missing page fixed, I have added to the original post as well.

Pretty cool! Thanks much!

Looks cool. If only this was in English, I’m sure I’d enjoy reading it.

Anyway, the 4-panel comics were understandable. Now I learned how Gash lost his eye! :anjou_happy:

Looks like the file is no longer available :frowning:
Can you please re-upload it?

It seems to be working, seeing as I’m downloading it right now. I might edit with feedback later.

In any case, thanks for the scans!

Very nice, thank you very much Chizzles.