Azel Doll (posted at gamefaqs)

A user called “Razia” at the PDS board at gamefaqs recieved a present from her boyfriend, it was an Azel doll that he commissioned to be made!

looks so good!! Arcie should like it =P

Wow thats cool.

It’s a bit… “close but no cigar”… but then that might just be me.

I think it’s the head that kills the feel… Other than that it’s just a regular doll nicely painted like Azel… I think the forum user I forget his name had done a nicer job at it, even if his wasn’t a posable figure.

Really good stuff. I was just thinking that it’d look better with the coat before I clicked the last link =P

cool link!

I actually have that doll (without the cool paint)- I should totally do that …

Very nice indeed.

What the fuck did she have a head transplant?

hmm this fusion of Azel and Barbie has created…



I seen something like that before.

I found a found a japanese website about statue figures while I was searching Azel images for my school project :anjou_disappointment:

Azel … a/azel.JPG
Chibi Azel … /azel2.JPG
Orta … a/olta.JPG

Nice Auron and Final Fantasy 13 avatar you have, Jimkemon

Awesome. Chibi Azel rocks :stuck_out_tongue:

Really horrible!

But the doll of Azel is very beautiful…

That’s a great Azel doll… wish I could afford to have one commisioned!

Those are all actually rather creepy.

i like the Azel doll =)


I’m the guy that had the doll commissioned in the original post. I notice some people saying the doll sucks, and I don’t mind, but if I’m going to have more of these made in the future, is there anyone you can recommend that would actually make ones you would deem satisfactory?

I figured the neck thing worked, because I don’t know about you, but Azel has a long, long-ass neck.

I searched the internet like crazy, and it was incredibly difficult to even find someone that would help.

I know absolutely nothing about dolls, so I don’t know what’s good and what’s bad. The person asked for specific materials and model numbers, and I provided all of them. If you know someone that’s better that can and will do the job, please let me know. I intend to have more characters from other rare, older games done in the future.

Thank you.

i still think the doll is awesome, i’d buy one if it wasnt at a ridiculous price
i’d take one exactly how that one is made myself!

Azel’s neck is long, but not THAT long. also, the hair is too fluffy, maybe you should glue it together to make a better head tendon?

I won’t mess with it, but thanks for the tips.

I still need help finding someone better to commission work for in the future.


It actually isn’t that bad. The neck and feet (they’re too small) need work, but that’s pretty much it. You make the coat yourself?

I think the doll is pretty awesome to be fair. Of course it’s not going to be perfect, but have you ever seen even one of the professional action figures or soft toys look exactly like their in game counterparts?

I would be totally satisfied if this were my doll. Truly I can’t see it being made better.