Away from the (physical) keyboard, June 21st to July 21st

I’m going on holiday from June 21st to around July 21st (road-tripping around Australia). I’ll have Internet access some of the time, but it will be a be a bit spotty in the more remote parts, and I won’t have a laptop with me, just my phone. If people here could hold the fort (i.e. post any news on the main site), during this time, that would be great.

Stay safe on the fury road. :anjou_happy:


I’m back, away slightly longer from the keyboard than I expected due to having to get my laptop repaired as well.

Australia’s outback really is an amazing place. I travelled non-stop for almost a month, visiting some incredibly remote parts of the country, including one day where we drove along a dirt road without passing any other vehicles for nearly the entire day. Along with the desolate landscapes (not quite desert, but in many places close), I walked along the top of King’s Canyon which could be straight out of a Panzer Dragoon game, minus the green down below:’s+canyon+Australia&t=hu&iar=images&iax=1&ia=images