Ava Airbourne - the closest game to NiGHTS on mobile?

I tried the recently released Ava Airbourne yesterday. It’s a fun game that could be described as a mixture of Flappy Bird and NiGHTS into dreams. You glide through the sky, collecting balloons and other power ups, flying through hoops, while listening to an upbeat soundtrack.

Ava Airbourne is free to play on iOS (coming to Android later apparently).

To be honest, it looks pretty bad esthetically but maybe the gameplay is fun? The dream world of Nights is just so unique and has rarely been replicated. I wish Sega would just make an actual Nights mobile game. Actually, I take that back. Please Sega, make a new console Nights!

Yeah it’s quite fun. There’s also a yo-yo unlockable that completely changes how the game plays. You should give it a try when the Android version arrives.

A mobile NiGHTS might be fun, although they’d need to rethink the controls.