Artist whose work look spanzer influenced

cool stuff- mood reminds me of panzer.




The artwork is very dark and moody, isn’t it? It’s almost gritty in a way very much like Panzer Dragoon.

Damn, that’s dark. I can barely make out the detail.

Main Entry: 1dark
Pronunciation: 'd?rk
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English derk, from Old English deorc; akin to Old High German tarchannen to hide
1 a : devoid or partially devoid of light : not receiving, reflecting, transmitting, or radiating light b : transmitting only a portion of light
2 a : wholly or partially black b of a color : of low or very low lightness
**3 a : arising from or showing evil traits or desires : EVIL b : DISMAL, GLOOMY **c : lacking knowledge or culture
4 : not clear to the understanding
5 : not fair in complexion : SWARTHY
7 : possessing depth and richness
8 : closed to the public
synonym see OBSCURE

  • dark?ish /'d?r-kish/ adjective
  • dark?ly adverb
  • dark?ness noun


Definitely more dark than the Panzer series I would say. I would love to see the next game (if there ever will be one) go in that direction though.

I especially love the character design in those pictures, superb to say the least.

My favorite is the third scene. Kinda of reminds of the Atredies palace at the end of the first Dune mini-series on Sci-Fi, where the duel took place.

I wish I could do art like that %)

I totally dig it!

It’s cool to be sure but apart from the eclectic look I can’t see the common link between that and PD.

Wow, that art is sick, I wish PD would go in that direction as well.

Imagine, traversing a high-tech metropolis like that.

U K Narayan am cry for PD. :anjou_sad:

Wow, that’s some really good artwork there. Thanks for the URL. :slight_smile: