Art of Video Games exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum

Have just received an email from the Museum regarding their games exhibition next year.

Details here:- … 012/games/

The exhibition will feature Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Saga and Orta.

Their email said:-

To celebrate this ground-breaking exhibition, we are looking for photographs that show how video games can inspire creativity! These might include images of video-game-inspired drawings, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, clothing, events, graphics, food, wallpaper… anything, really! We’re particularly interested in seeing creative and crazy costumes inspired by your favorite game characters.

We’ve created a Flickr group to collect all of these images, which we’re hoping will continue to grow through the run of the exhibition and beyond. Please add your photographs to this group and help us spread the word!

Flickr group:-

I instantly thought of this website and its users as the content here is already a large database of exactly what they are looking for.
I would expect Panzer Dragoon could well be a major focus for them given the large cult following!!!

Lagi’s The Art of Panzer Dragoon has a good selection of imagery, maybe some could be used?

For individual pictures on TWOTA, best to get permission with the contributor (each contributor’s email address should be listed on the site).