Arrrrgh! Noooo!

My copy of Panzer Dragoon Orta don’t work no mo. sniff This was supposed to be my last link to the Panzer Dragoon universe just in case the unthinkable happened and my Saturn finally gave up the ghost. I can get it to work some of the time, but then it’s not long before it says the disk can’t be read because it’s either damaged or dirty. I mean there are a few smudges here and there but no gashes. Nothing serious. I think it has something to do with my nephew, who likes getting into my cds and then carrying them around all over the place or tossing them like frisbees. Knights of the Old Republic is like this sometimes too. I have a big book of cd sleeves with all my games in it, and he got into it and just started pulling out all the games and putting them in a pig pile at his feet. All my Saturn games. But strangely enough they still work fine. Maybe it’s just my X Box. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like I’ll have to get a new copy.

The Xbox is reknown for it’s problems with DDE’s, but this has to be your game disk D: Best think would be to replace, or get one of those spiffy CD cleaning things.

Or buy another copy of Orta.I knwo I would.They are around 20? now.Here anyways…

This is a common problem with Xboxes that have the CRAPPY Thompson and Toshiba DVD drives. The Samsung drive (which has been discontinued) is the best, because it reads all formats - DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, CDR, CDRW, and reads them at 16x - the Thomson and Toshiba drives can’t read CDRs, and can only read DVDs at 2x.

I modded a friends Xbox that had a Thomson drive on it…and damn, that was a crappy experience. It took forever to put stuff on the hard drive and for the drive to actually read anything - I was surprised, in the end, that I even got the job done.

To make a long story short - when purchasing an Xbox, be sure that you are getting a Samsung DVD drive - Samsung drives have two holes on the bottom of the CD tray, while the Thompson and Toshiba drives are completely solid - this is how you can tell them apart.

Yeah, I love my Samsung DVD drive. Hell, I love anything Samsung.

Dragoon lover, if I were you I’d look for a cheap copy on eBay. Or even buy another one new if they’re cheap enough. Does anyone know how much Panzer Dragoon Orta goes for these days?

I just bought a new copy of Orta a few days ago for $20.

My first copy got messed up somehow. First it was slightly scratched, but after using a few disc resurfacing wheels I decided it would be easier/cheaper to get a new one.

With regards to non-working games, the only problems I’ve ever had are with Crazy Taxi and Rez for the DC, even though both discs are scratch- and dust-free!

My DC can’t read some of the music tracks from Crazy Taxi and I get disc-read error messages during the game which is very annoying. I’ll have to get a new copy :confused:

As for Rez, the game doesn’t load up when I press the power button, instead the DC main menu screen comes up and I have to load it from there, but sometimes even that doesn’t work! I can just about live with it though.

HMV are selling PDO for ?14.99 here in the UK. Cheap as chips!

I can get a large bag of chips for ?1.70.

Then you’re being ripped off.

You have no idea how many chips this bag contains.

You have not been to my chippie. Bags as big as my head!

My copy of Crazy Taxi does that as well. Although what it does is actually quite amusing - all the buildings disappear, but the cars remain, so it looks like they’re driving through mid air.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]
My copy of Crazy Taxi does that as well. Although what it does is actually quite amusing - all the buildings disappear, but the cars remain, so it looks like they’re driving through mid air.[/quote]

Yeah Solo, the “disappearing buildings” trick happens in my copy too :frowning:

Thing is though, I don’t understand why it should work fine one minute and then totally mess up the next. The disc is 100% scratch- and dust-free, so the only conclusion I can come to is that the problem perhaps stems from the actual DC itself? I dunno.

Solo, did your copy work OK when you first got it? Also, has anyone else experienced a similar problem with this game?

Yeah, it worked fine at first, but then after a while it started doing the mid air thing from time to time.

I thought it might have been the fact that it was a used copy, but the disc is relatively scratch free.

I’ve not had any trouble with it, but then I’ve never actually played my copy for a long period of time (having already borrowed and played a friend’s copy immensely). If exactly the same graphical error is happening for both you and Solo though, (and the disc is good), it’s likely that it’s a minor problem with your DC console.

As to the topic, PDO is indeed selling pretty cheap these days, so a new copy would probably be your best bet. Both the net and the real world seem to be willing to supply it at a low price.