Armored Dragons

Same artist, gave permission via twitter
EDIT: Not same artist, sorry.
EDIT2: yes same artist, got mislead by the new avatar image !

It’s pretty cool to have all PD in one drawing

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@Eliot-Ness Please add it to the site, since the artist gave permission.

I need to check how I can do that :confused:

For whatever you want to create (picture, contributor profile, etc), go into the relevant section (when logged in) and click on “New X”.

I tried but I guess error message, whatever I change

What’s the error message?

I think it worked this time !
You probably have to approve now:

Album & picture names: Armored dragons & its riders in each Panzer Dragoon game

We just need a news entry for it now.

Also you will need to set yourself as a contributor when uploading pictures, otherwise you won’t have permission to view/edit them after uploading (that probably explains the error you saw). I’ve added your profile to this one (and the duplicates). I will look into automating that last part at some in the future to avoid confusion, but for now tick your name in the contributor list for new pictures manually.

@Eliot-Ness I’ve made some improvements to the site’s content management system. First, the person uploading or editing a piece of content will now be listed as a contributor automatically (except for admins). Second, there is now some added text explaining what the process is for content that is not yet published.

Let me know if you come across any more problems or if generally there’s any confusion.

@Solo_Wing I’m sorry I didn’t have much time re trying this. I will have to try now that you did changes, but to be honest, the campaign keeps me quite busy already on my free time :confused:

If you could write a short news entry that would be much appreciated. I ask that contributors prepare their own news entries where possible so that the site feels like (and is) run as a collective effort.

I’ve published it with the latest update.