Argh someone please help me!

hows the new pic? 100x87!!!

I also was wonderin if i could get some help with Saga. I am stuck Inside the forest Zoah. I got the full map unlocked and all the glowing stem-thingies unlocked. but when i get to the door at the end it wont let me open it. CAn any one help me?

Go blast Grig Orig (he’s ABOVE the tree tops). You can’t open that door.

Yet. Read further if you really want me to spoil it for you.

Anyway, that place is kinda a “secret area” (note the “scare quotes”). You can get to it easily by returning to the Forest of Zoah after defeating Grig Orig and flying all the way north. There are three entrances to the ruins behind the door up there.
Alternatively, you could get the Light Wing and open the door with its rank 6 lasers.

So since i shot all them pot thingies on the ground, those big plant guys wont beat me up now?|


Correct, those were the roots to the plant or something silly like that.

Sorry to plug, but I have written a kick-@$$ faq for Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Click on the one by Edge AoM (Archangel of Mercy, my olde user name)