Are we able to play Orta on Xbox 360 yet?

I was just wondering since I just bought an Xbox 360.

Not yet. Hopefully one day though.

Not Orta. Not Beyond Good and Evil. Not Psychonauts. And probably never will.

It sucks. I mean, I fancy getting a 360 because they seem OK (and I could do with getting into gaming “properly”), but I want to play Orta as well, so I’d also need an original.

Maybe there’ll be a fully-working Xbox emulator some day? I doubt it; I think that the real answer lies at the bottom of my wallet. :anjou_sad:

Psychonauts was added in the last BC update, which seems sadly to be the last most probably.

Well it sucks, because every time I want to play Orta, I have to go get my Xbox that’s been stored away, set, it up…blah…blah…blah. If they are going to make backwards compatibility “MAKE” backwards compatibility!

I mean how hard would it have been to have integrated components from the original Xbox into the 360, so 360 would in fact be an Xbox and an Xbox 360? It worked for the PS2, every playstation game I ever owned worked on the my PS2, it was flawless compatibility. What is the deal with that?

Are they saving money somehow by having you update the compatibility list, instead of giving you full blown compatibility to every single Xbox game from the start, or were they just being lazy?

If Microsoft had included hardware-based backwards compatibility in the 360, they would have had to have paid nVidia a fee for every single 360 that was sold. Every 360 is sold at a loss, so the console would either have to cost more or Microsoft would have to lose even more than they already are on each console that they sold.

Of course, they do have to pay programmers to create the software emulator so that costs money too. By focusing mainly on high selling titles like Halo it would be worth it from a business perspective, but probably not for a game like Orta. =/

In all honestly the probably don’t want Orta disgracing their wonderful new console. Okay okay, I kid I kid. Out of the 20 Xbox games I own, 5 aren’t compatible yet. So I’m not too frustrated.

At least make Beyond Good and Evil compatible, for the love of all that is good in heaven. Stop being such money grubbers, M$.

A part of me is against backwards compatibility.I mean new consoles shouldn’t make old ones obsolete.They should be unrelated products.They steal some of a console’s personality this way…and make it pointless to have bought the 1st console in the first place…

I know it might sound strange but thats how I feel.

Having said that I would like Orta to be on the list of course.Specially considering my Xbox is broken and Ill have to buy a new one in the future if I want to play it again (I don’t really care for the other games despite loving most of them;the ones i own I mean).

I’m all for backward compatability. I appreciate what you’re saying but at the end of the day having one console to play all your games in is just easier.

I agree.

Not that I’m holding my breath, though.

Yeah Phantom Dust was pretty cool, never played it online though (cuz of my modchip and simply didn’t have time for that) I liked the Battle Angel Alita design of the characters and the lighting…
when I met the PD team for the first time Futatsugi-san made a comment about me looking like the main character (I guess he referred to my hair style)
haha, we were all pretty wasted… :anjou_happy:

haha, we were all pretty wasted… :anjou_happy:[/quote]

The God’s themselves!

Futatsugi looks like he was on crack or something in that photo.

Hardly any of the SEGA Xbox exclusives are BC. It’s a shame because these games helped Xbox get some “hardcore” rep. No Jet Set, Gun Valkyrie, Orta or Outrun 2 hurts my soul, although Shenmue 2 is on the list!

If those titles got the nod I’d be content with 360 BC as they are the titles I would like to play. While Beyond Good and Evil is a top title, I collected everything the first time round so I don’t see myself going back to it often. Even then it’s on PC for cheap.

On the note of hardware vs. software backwards compatability, PAL regions get screwed again with the PAL PS3 going for software emulation, not hardware. Ouch for would-be adopters.

[quote=“Brandt”]I WANT PHANTOM DUST!!!
Not that I’m holding my breath, though.[/quote]

I still haven’t checked out Phantom Dust. Not sure if it will be my kind of game, but I’d like to try it nonetheless. Was there ever a PAL release in the end?

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]

[quote=“Brandt”]I WANT PHANTOM DUST!!!
Not that I’m holding my breath, though.[/quote]

I still haven’t checked out Phantom Dust. Not sure if it will be my kind of game, but I’d like to try it nonetheless. Was there ever a PAL release in the end?[/quote]

It worth getting for the amazing graphics (some of the best on X-Box) and wonderfull music score alone . Its kind of like a mix of UNREAL meets PYSHIC FORCE and is ace fun in multi player. Trouble is with out LIVE is all a bit pointless , and seeing as I one X-Box banned , I’m not going to take the risk again of playing the game over LIVE.

A Pal version was planned , but I don’t think it ever made it out , saldy enought .

I love Phantom Dust, I was really busy and without any broadband for XBL for a few months right after I got the game, so I never got in as much online play as I’d have liked but it was insanely fun sometimes and a completely unique experience. It’s well worth a few bucks even for the story mode though, especially as it’s easily one of the top ten most impressive looking games for XBOX. Indie-Japanese flavored normal-mapping… delicious!