Are there any "Superplay" videos out there?

I am juuuust getting back into Saturn after a very long absence from it and I am getting the Panzer games again for a second attemped at getting good and I was wondering if there were any videos of people playing the games (either of the first two) at a really high level, archived on the internet somewhere? I think alot of people call them super plays?

You mean like that madman that managed to complete Super Mario 3 in just as many minutes?

No clue. ^.^;;

Not going for speed specifically, more like how to play the game really well, get 100 percent on everything, high scores that kind of thing.

First of all welcome. :slight_smile:

If I had any recording device I would with no doubt show the communitty my super E-1337 skillz rigth away but alas…

XD That reminds me, my sister’s digital camera can work as a video camera for a few minutes, I could technically show my “1337” Dan Hibiki skills in Cap vs. SNK 2 XD… but nah.

Thanks for the welcome people!

I am really getting quite into the idea of recording a couple of videos of my own for a couple of games and seeing as Panzer 1 and 2 dont seem so long, (about an hour?) I am going to have a think about it after learning the games. When they arrive that is.

There are loads of videos of people acing various games at:

To give you an idea. I actually found a geocities site where a guy had got loads of S Rank videos for PDO but I stupidly didnt book mark it.

Found one!

this is the place I neglected to bookmark. I am assuming this is made by somone here? The chap calles them visual FAQs which is a pretty decent title.

Its a nice piece of work! just wish I had gotten there early enough to snag the first 3 chapters.

Nothing like this for any of the earlier games still?

Yep, Giga D does post on these forums; he mentioned that he was working on those videos in the past and gave links to a couple of them, but I didn’t notice he had a geocities site with them up now.

As for high-score videos of the earlier games, I haven’t come across any myself, and I’ve searched the net fairly extensively for PD-related videos; if you do end up recording some runs of PD1 and PDZ, you wouldn’t be doing what someone else had already done (at least, as far as I know).

Heh, well its all very pipe dreamy at the moment seeing as my copies have yet to arrive and I havent played the games in years.

Oh yeah, and I dont have a TV capture card and loads of other stuff. But big thanks to Giga D, very very useful stuff, if the first three chapers become available again I would be most greatful.

[quote=“Pedro The Hutt”]You mean like that madman that managed to complete Super Mario 3 in just as many minutes?

No clue. ^.^;;[/quote]

That video has been reported, and admitted, to be a fake. It was constructed in the same way as a flash video, I believe, but it was very cleverly done.

The Megaman 2 video, on the other hand, OWNS.

Maybe you could make a video of your 4:44 run through Panzer Dragoon Saga one day, Lance?

Finished those vids about 2 months ago. I also made 2 additional works for PDO even before finishing the last episode guide, one of them isn’t uploaded anywhere, but the other one can be found here: … id=xboxpdo

TBH it’s not worth the download unless you -really- want to see how to defeat each boss in a faster time than that shown in the Episode guides. I’m surprised it’s even over 60 downloads now tbh - shame no one bothered to come back to add a review, must of thought it sucked so hard it didn’t deserve even a flame :slight_smile: . Learnt many video editing things from doing all those vids. Working on a group project for DOAU now.

Off topic: Everyone should also see the Half-Life 2 speed run - never played the game myself, so it was very entertaining to watch - since it’s not possible to skip the cutscenes they were all shown, so it’s like watching the plot unravel before your eyes (ending sucked btw) - worth the download.

I havent watched the boss rush video yet but I will once it downloads and I am sure its just as impressive as the others. I have only watched one or two videos as of yet cause I havent played the game thus far and I dont want to spoil it for myself too much.

Is there any way I could get the first three videos at all? I have put the ones I have downloaded so far in my emule shared folder to spread the info if thats ok.

It crossed my mind at some point, but unfortunately I don’t have a capture card either, and I likely won’t be picking one up any time soon… plus, although 4:44 (or however short I might make it) is comparatively fast, that would still make for a massive, massive download time, so I’m not sure if many people would be interested.

What I thought about more seriously was a 100% run for the first Panzer Dragoon game, because that’s something that not many players (even really good players) seem to have attempted. But as I say, you won’t be seeing any videos from me in the forseeable future. :anjou_happy:

Been real busy with other stuff that I forgot about the vids and that people might want eps 1-3… episodes 1-3 are unavailable atm becuase the backup media I used to store them was corrupt, fortunately most of files are intact so I could just put the sections up that aren’t corrupt, i’ll have the stages 1-3 up in about 3 days. Just check the geocities site in that time thanks :E

Those are very cool videos, heh.

And, if you were to make a video of the Panzer Saga 4:44 run, you’d just probably have to split it up into many various files, or heavily compress it, and put it up in a bittorrent.

Holy crap, someone beat my 4:50 PDS speedrun time!

Oh well, it’s not like I have my Saturn with me to mount a challenge. Nice work.

I didn’t realise I had competition! As I think I posted at the time, I’d suspect that 4:35 / 4:30 would technically be possible, as I made quite a few slip-ups and unnecessary diversions in my run. When I finally get around to playing through my Japanese copy of the game, I’ll see if I can beat it…

Yeah, my speedrun time was from me saying “Hey, I’m bored. I wonder how quickly I can go through PDS.” So it was a one try affair and my completion scores were awful and I caught myself watching some cinemas and falling asleep because I started at 1 in the morning so…yeah, it wasn’t anything impressive, but it was still a fun little thing to do, and I confirmed that PDS is in fact longer than MGS2: Sons of Liberty. Even knowing how many non-intereactive story events there are in that game, you’d be amazed at just how much time you can shave off.

seems that many videos are down, is there still some way to see them ?
I saw boss rush, but i’m interested in full levels, i can’t get 100% in all stages it’s frustrating :stuck_out_tongue: