Are the Ancients really dead?

Abadd did say that resuscitation was 100% impossible - but, that doesn’t mean that the Ancients were ‘dead’. Resuscitation simply means ‘To regain consciousness’. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the Ancients are still sleeping - and their sleeping chambers are being controlled by a timing mechanism which will activate on a certain date, depending on certain variables (i.e. the restoration of the environment). Abadd was, most likely, trying to override that timing mechanism, but couldn’t, and in despair declared that, “it is too late for my Ancient masters”.

I think it would be so cool to have the Ancients come back - yes, it’s true that a part of what makes the Panzer Dragoon series so wonderful is the fact that the Ancients, and their technology, are a mystery. But they can’t remain a mystery forever - especially since the end of the series is drawing closer.

What makes you think that they can’t remain a mystery forever? I think it’d be fitting if the biggest PD mystery of all was never revealed.

What makes you think the series is definitely drawing closer to the end?

I agree with shadow, the ancients should stay a mystery.

But as far as we’ve been shown Abadd was the mechanism that was supposed to awaken the Ancients - it was his primary objective, his one overriding purpose. So if Abadd couldn’t awaken his masters, despite being designed more or less exculsively for this task, we really need to consider why he couldn’t revive them. In my honest opinion, most of the answers don’t seem to involve them sleeping peacefully (at least, I wouldn’t say it’s safe to assume it).

Abadd said himself that it was “too late” for his ancient masters: that statement alone seems to imply that their bodies / minds could have been revied at some point in the past, but that the time for that had already gone by. Now there are any number of explanations for why this could be the case, but here’s just a couple:

A) The Ancients were possibly meant to be revived after the Towers had rejuvenated the environment; as we’ve been told though, the Towers wore down or were deactivated and they were unable to complete this programme by the time they should have. Abadd (the wake-up mechanism) would therefore never have been activated naturally; remember that he was ultimately forced awake by the Empire (and his own assertion that he had been “awakened prematurely” would seem to correlate with all this). By the time Abadd was activated, the Ancients’ minds / bodies may have simply degraded beyond revival, as they just weren’t meant to be in stasis for ten thousand years. (Hence it was literally “too late” for them to be revived).

B) It’s possible that the storage of the Ancients’ bodies / minds was somehow directly linked with the overseeing Sestren network, and they died when the Sestren AI was forced offline at the end of PDS.

Why do you think that the series is coming to a conclusion, Kadamose? If a sequel to PDO comes into existence, PDO itself seems to have set it up with more or less a clean slate… if any futures games were released, I’d say that a whole new chapter in the PD mythos was just beginning.

I dunno was meant to ressurect all the Ancients.I think it was only his close masters…

If you take that in consideration maybe this isn’t such a big deal…

Sorry, I keep calling anyone from the Anceint Age “the Ancients” and I should probably be a bit less vague. But yes, my point was that Abadd was meant to resurrect some Ancients; his masters.

The ancients are all dead. Abadd’s masters shared this fate. I imagine something happened to them when the Sestren AI was destroyed.

[quote=“Lance Way”]

Sorry, I keep calling anyone from the Anceint Age “the Ancients” and I should probably be a bit less vague. But yes, my point was that Abadd was meant to resurrect some Ancients; his masters.[/quote]

This wasn’t directly directed at you Lance.