Archiving Panzer Dragoon GameArt Assets?

Moving this to it’s own thread …

Has anyone ever tried this w/ SSF? It could be pretty cool to just have an archive of all the models (like we could run through the creature library and just do sharp renders of everything). Plus characters, locations, etc.

I see SSF should be the correct version of direct X …

Doh- I don’t think will work. The files are blank- I think it has something to do w/ the lack of “3-D” models on saturn, that everything is a sprite.

is lame because it works on all the other systems … if Sega ported Panzer to gamecube we’d be in business!

Actually, it may be possible to get Orta data (although less desireable …)

I’ll let people know if it works- never tried Cxbx before …

EDIT- Or not. Doesn’t look like Cxvx can actaully display the game properly yet :frowning:

Has anyone played Panzer on GameTap? Wondering if it is any better …

What emulator allows you to run the game in High Res? I can’t seem to do that in SSF

GiriGiri does high res.

Hmm- I can’t find a version of GiriGiri (or Cassini) to run on my system- seems like it doesn’t work with my sound card, but not option to disable sound.

What was the deal with Panzer on PS2? Was it straight emulation, or did they do some new stuff? I know the dragon was smoothed out- were any other models changed? I’d like to see if I could get those models, but it is like $40 on ebay just to see if it works or not …

I didn’t notice any changes besides the dragon, but it’s been a while since I’ve played the Saturn original.

Screenshots here: … mgs_1.html

Okay this is neat. It doesn’t spit out any models (at least yet) but it does spit out all the .dds textures- so all the textures of the panzer are attainable.

The issue is, without the models, they are pretty useless. They are all extremely small, and broken up into squares (to deal w/ saturn sprite handling)

What is strange is that I can actually see the wireframes of the meshes (or sprites, although it does say “wireframe mode”) - not sure why it isn’t getting them.