Arcade Perfect port of SEGA Rally to be in SR 2006

Sega to package original game with new PS2 update.
by IGN Staff
October 26, 2005 - Sega’s update to its classic arcade rally franchise is at last nearing completion. The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that Sega Rally 2006 will see Japanese release on January 12.

The game will, according to the magazine, support the GT Force, GT Force Pro and a mysterious device called “GT Force Pro For Sega Rally.” This steering controller will be released along side the game at a cost of 14,800 yen. There’s no word yet on the changes being made for the “For Sega Rally” version of the Logitech steering wheel device, although it will be available in limited quantities.
The update on Sega Rally 2006 doesn’t end with the release date and controller, though. Famitsu also reveals that the first shipment of the game will include the original Sega Rally Championship arcade game. A perfect port of the original arcade title, players will be able to select championship and practice modes and two cars.

Sega Rally 2006 has seen a somewhat bumpy development cycle, being delayed so long that Sega ended up having to change its name from the original Sega Rally 2005. The game played wonderfully at the September Tokyo Game Show, though, and with the bundled arcade title adding a bit of nostalgia, this should be a no-brainer for Sega fanatics, and possibly rally fanatics as well.

OMG, Bought and Bought


What is wrong with that ???.

i just hate seeing all my beloved sega classics being stuck onto other consoles =(

I’ve been waiting patiently for this game for a while now - glad to see it’s going to get a release! That bonus port is going to be great, I loved the Sega Ages port of Virtua Racing so this’ll keep me in nostalgic racers for a while then :anjou_happy:

Scott, what’s wrong with seeing Sega classics on other consoles? Would you rather they fade into obscurity? Chances are it won’t make it out of Japan anyway. How many people would have even heard of SNK if they’d just released games for the Neo Geo? They’ve got a much bigger fanbase and better sales from keeping the classics alive on other platforms.

Sadly mate those days are over (I use to think the same of the PS2). And if this give us the chance to play Arcade ports, and make SEGA money I’m all for it.

Lets just hope SR III goes tothe 360 :slight_smile:

I’m not sure. Sega always claims that they do perfect ports of certain games yet they don’t give us the port we want. PANZER DRAGOON PS2 wasn’t a real port of the Saturn version,SONIC CD wasn’t the Mega CD port I wanted to see(music)and neither was SONIC R but it was the mildly better PC version over the Saturn original. Whose to say were really gonna get a perfect arcade port of SEGA RALLY that hasn’t been given unnesscery tampering and “improvements”?

Sonic CD was just a port of the PC version , but the JP version of Sonic Gem did have the soundtrack (though it wasn’t true CDA audio like the Mega CD).
I doubt SEGA will be using PC code this time (given it was so cra8p) so they hope it could be perfect or at least 95% perfect