Apollo Justice

Just bought it rom Grainger Games…


Wuvs my Phoenix Wright, anybody else a fan of this particular lawyer game?

Just finished Trials and Tribulations last night, actually.

I love the series for its characters and writing, but the 3rd one actually sorta pissed me off a bit. They threw logic out the window on more than one occasion (for example, a witness could be proved to have been lying throughout the entire testimony, but the prosecution will simply say, “That’s irrelevant!” Or the prosecution will present evidence, but will withhold key information until it becomes relevant). But overall, I love it.

I just wish they allowed you to explain your evidence choices. Sometimes you will know what the answer to an issue is and think that one piece of evidence proves it, but the game will only accept one correct answer at exactly one specific point in time. I wish you could present a piece of evidence, then tie it to a few key words from the testimony or something. Would make for a much less frustrating experience :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the whole “present this exact piece of evidence at this exact statement” is extremely aggravating. The whole game is practically a story requiring certain actions to progress through it, a definition that seems to undermine my excitement for the series.

Tying in certain words with evidence does seem like a good idea though, who knows they might imply a less rigid system in the next games. Then again would it still feel like the same, aggravating mis-objection filled game?

Ha, buh byes

Well, if you made it a justification-based game (meaning that if you provided enough backup statements and evidence to support your claims, the program would accept it as viable… i.e. you could assign “relevance” values to certain combinations of evidence and key words. If you selected the really strong piece of evidence and tied it to the exact person/situation/word, it would give you 100 points, thus proving your statement. But if you were to present circumstantial evidence, but were able to show good reasoning through a selection of people/situations/words, it would give you <100 points, so you would have to provide a little more evidence to further back up your claim, thus allowing you to proceed).

One thing, though, is that it would drastically change the narrative. One of the series’ great points is the compelling narrative, partly due to the fact that it is linear. I wonder if you could do a similar game that was a little more open-ended.

One thing I actually wanted to see from that team, though, was sort of a Law & Order style game, where you actually play as the cops investigating the crime scene (using forensics, etc), and then play the part of the DA trying to prove the guilt of someone, but done in the whimsical, playful style of Phoenix Wright. The last mission of the first game gave you a little taste of that, but I want something a little less linear.