Anyone with Saga soundtrack willing to make a copy, please?


Is anyone who has the Panzer Dragoon Saga OST or Memorial Album willing to make a copy of the CDs for me, on the condition that I pay for blank discs and P&P?

I’m only asking as they’re so hard to find (everywhere I look they’re sold out) and although Solo Wing’s MP3s are even better quality than SegaXTreme’s, obviously they can’t compare to the actual CD music.

This would be a huge favour and I’d be really grateful if anyone is able to copy their CDs. I use CDRDAO for copying CDs and it would make a really fast and perfect copy, and I’d be happy to pay for the blanks and the little bag for the discs.

Please let me know if you can help out, anyone. Thanks very much!


BTW, please email me at if you are able to help.

Thanks guys!


You do realise that copying CD’s is an infridgement of trademark law, and therefore illegal?

(hint: use PM’s in future)

the next question will probably be who can copy his PDS discs for him… :anjou_angry:

Man just settle for the MP3 files.CD quality ain’t worth all that.