Anyone willing to sell a PDS manual?

I just recently ordered my first ever copy of pds off ebay and when i received it, the manual was not nearly in the condition in which the seller had said it was… considering I’m a collector of sorts, I like my games (especially my rare ones) to be in MINT condition. So the question is, is there anyone out there that has maybe an extra copy of the manual or will sell me their manual or something? I’m fairly desperate. Thanks for your time.


The pathetic guy who’s asking people to sell him PDS instruction booklet because he’s obsessed with games being in pristine condition.

Sorry, I’m holding on to mine, someone else might be interested in selling you one though.

Is it the US or PAL version of the manual that you’re after?

the US version.

I figured most people want to hang onto their’s, I’m just hoping I get lucky and someone happens to have an extra copy or a couple extra copies of the game and are willing to part with one of the manuals… haha, it’s sorta absurd and it’s a long shot but I figured it doesn’t hurt in trying. Regardless, thanks for the reply solo.

No worries.

I actually have a spare copy of the PAL Zwei manual, if anyone is missing one. But as with the game itself, PDS manuals are quite a bit rarer.

i guess you could try and offer a swap + money… so they still have some sort of manual…

sorry though i have the PAL version =(

ah yes, a swap + money is exactly what I was looking to do. Hopefully someone will be interested.

I’ll do it