Anyone remember that Panzer Dragoon X movie?

It was releasd (I think) around October 2000 (or 2001). It was released at filegenie.

It was dark, and had a lot of the syle of Saga.

So long ago, the nostalgia is killing me.

Thanks for pointing it out, I hadn’t seen this but your post made me look around for it.

It looks pretty good. Don’t those creatures look a little like a small version of the Dark Dragon ? :slight_smile:
Wishes that this is the RPG and they are still secretly developing it and will unveil it soon
Ahhh…one can have dreams…

Who made this anyway?

Those dragons should have a normal tail! >(

I’m glad that that footage didn’t turn out to be Panzer Dragoon Orta. In my opinion it doesn’t look very Panzerish, especially the robot-like guy who slides along the ground. Smilebit’s effort was far superior, although if that was just beta footage of a possible Panzer game then it can’t really be compared.

Looks decent, not too Panzerish, though. I wonder what happened to it; it doesn’t seem to be Orta…and an extra RPG is 99% out of question.

ARG! NOOOOOOO!! me didn’t get to see it!!! the link doesn’t work anymore:’( aww, man…

Yeah, link me too! I never get to see anything!

Me neither! This is an outrage!

Though I’ve found quite a few plausible explanations of what this video might be, the most likely one seems to be that it’s just early-development footage of a non-Panzer game which someone got hold of and tried to pass off as Panzer. The only thing in the video that directly links it to Panzer is the Tower background music playing, which anyone could have added in. The graphics bear only a passing resemblance to Panzer when you look closely; lagi’s images show this well.

Alternatively, it could be a complete hoax made from scratch. If it was, though, I would’ve thought that they would have at least put a PD logo in there somewhere.

Anyway, my point is that you guys aren’t really missing anything, as this is most likely just a case of mistaken identity rather than anything Panzer. It’s a really dull video as well; those images pretty much show it in its entirety, only the video is much blurrier.

Oh, and lagi, you never answered my question from the other thread: where did you come by those images? That could maybe shed a little light on things…