Anyone interested in Scalebound (Xbox One)?

I just saw Scalebound today. It might look pretty but it just reminds my of an adult version of that Pixar film “How to Ride Your Dragon”…

I also feel the main character is giving off contrived humor and doesn’t really feel natural. Well, I just wanted to know if any of you heard, saw, or plan to purchase this and what your thoughts are?

Here is the trailer:

It looks… okay. The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay; that makes me weary. I recently tried another dragon riding game called Lair and it was pretty terrible to be frank. But since dragon riding games are rare, I will keep an eye on this.

Here is some gameplay footage:

I don’t know; it seems like it might be worth playing once. It has very nice aesthetics, I’ll give it that! It’s just the main character rubs me the wrong way and feels shoehorned into this world. Not the right personality for this setting? He just isn’t very relatable…If you like games like Devil May Cry, this might be worth a rental.

I watched the video. There’s no actual dragon riding in the gameplay footage which makes me wonder if the game will have any flight sections that you control. From the video, it just looks like a standard hack and slash.

I’m not that impressed by the main character or the gameplay, and while the graphics are good, the low framerate is rather worrying. I’m not sure if they can optimize it enough to run it at 30fps.

Because it’s PG I’m very interested, that simple. Hideki Kamiya makes amazing games, if you like his games, and I like his amazing games. Even when I hate them sometimes, I still like them.

The character is a lot like Dante, maybe even more obnoxious, we’ll see I’ll reserve judgment on him. It’s apparently a sucked to an alternate universe kind of plot so he’s supposed to be out of place. And the game sort of comes across as Kamiya wanting to make Drakengard with as an actual good action game, with like mechanics and stuff. :slight_smile: Which looks like fun in any case.

Bump for the sake of news:

Apparently it got canned, but it’s not apparent who still holds the IP.

Damn, that sucks. It looked kind of cool. Well, even though I probably never would have played it since I never bought an Xbox One…Oh well. Maybe someone can pick it up and release it on multiplatform in the future.

Perhaps the silliness of the game just didn’t appeal to me, or I’ve had my fill of over the top hack and slash games, but I’m not sad about this. There are new action games coming out all the time, and Scalebound didn’t look particularly unique to me.

However it seems that the concept of Scalebound appealed to a number of Panzer Dragoon fans, so I’m sorry for those who were looking forward to it.

Troubling since Platinum is a dev that knows how to deliver products, so this is without doubt MS being retarded again and second guessing their own commitments. So they had their chance to publish Bayonetta as an exclusive and blew it… and after probably soliciting this game they screw the deal again. /facepalm

So this is the cue for Sony to pick it up, and naturally as soon as that happens all of the negging it has already received will be forgotten and transformed into praise for “quirky” games or whatever. I’m not even joking, remember I said it.

Most of the quirky games on Xbox One appear to be on or coming to PC these days, especially now that Microsoft are throwing their weight behind the Xbox Play Anywhere program. That gives gamers less reason to buy an Xbox One as their console (they could go with a PS4 or Switch if they already have a PC, for example). That choice is, I think, a good thing for gamers who don’t to pay for lots of similar systems, but it does take away from the uniqueness of the platform’s library. Imagine if The Last Guardian came out on PC, for example. I see Scalebound as a less of an Xbox One brand game, and more what would have been a muiltiplatform title.

I’m looking forward to finally playing the Phantom Dust remaster from Microsoft anyway. Hopefully that one won’t be cancelled.