Anyone in the WoW beta?

Just curious if anyone else here managed to get into the WoW beta, I’m looking for some people to hook up to. The second beta phase started yesterday and I just finished downloading the client…looks promising so far but first I need a 40mb patch sigh.


I was about to, then i realised i needed a key to register =S

I think i would have to play warcraft III first, i heard its really good.
If i like that alot, i might start the mmorpg.

My friend was in the American beta. He says it’s pretty cool. IF I get a new Pc I’ll probably be getting WoW.

Shame Scott, they had account registration open last week for a day or so and I just happened to look that day and got an account for the final beta…

But yeah you should try to play WIII and it’s expansion first. The lore and background of WoW relies heavily upon it, though it’s not absolutely necessary to know.

Coming from Star Wars Galaxies this game is AWESOME. :anjou_happy:

it asked for a serial key/code of some sort… what was it? Do you have to pre rder the game first or something? Or is it a key from another warcraft game?

I don’t know about the first European beta phase, but pre-orders got them I guess and I know that the German Telekom also had a sweepstakes here for 5000 keys…I assume there were similar things elsewhere (then again Germany in general has a huge MMORPG and Warcraft market interest)

For this final phase you simply registered at the EU WoW site and you’d get in, however they only had registration available until they thought they had enough people. You did use a key to register but it was the same for everyone and shown on the site, just a placeholder of some sort I guess.

Made a male human warrior, “Synbios” and a gnome mage modeled after Hoggle from that old movie the Labyrinth …hehe. I’m loving it so far.

WoW doens’t seem really seem different from other online multiplayers from what I’ve seen.I was a bit hyped because of the hype others felt but after seeing some video footage I’m not really impressed.

Well it’s a solid game at the very least, from what I’ve seen so far. The only MMO’s I played before this were Planetside (which isn’t comparable) and SWG, which was simply terrible…

Never, ever judge a game’s level of fun by simply watching a video. Play the game, and then judge it afterwards.

With that said, I put a month into the game, and ended up quitting and resuming my gaming on Final Fantasy XI. World of Warcraft has too many bugs and balance issues to warrant me to continue playing it. I may reconsider when Blizzard gets their act together.

What does WoW have to offer then?From what I’ve seen ther eisn’t really a gameplay breakthrough (sp?).

WoW is crap. Blizzard needs to pull their head out of their ass, and just give up on the Warcraft and Diablo franchises…they suck. The only good game they have EVER created was Starcraft…it’s probably the only game that I’ve put 4000+ hours of my life into, and alot of that has to do with the fact that the game is perfectly balanced on all levels. Give us Starcraft 2, now, you bastards!!

Warcraft and Diablo crap? Yeah, sure. >_>
Care to back that up? :anjou_happy:

Panzer Dragoon wasn’t a gameplay breakthrough either, for the record. Its style of gameplay has already been done numerous times, it simply added the ability to rotate the camera and had a unique and immersive world design.

Sometimes it comes down to how refined gameplay features have become. A lot of great ideas have shown themselves to be implemented very poorly (see: Phantasy Star 3), but done right, can/could be something special. World of Warcraft takes a lot of ideas from other MMORPGs and does most of them right, it just currently suffers from a severe lack of stability both client and server side, as well as a large assortment of annoying bugs.

I played a month of World of Warcraft, and there’s a lot of good stuff tucked into the game. It just needs some major fine tuning, is all. By the time the software reaches that point however, competition will have arrived. Phantasy Star Universe is on the horizon which is the only Sega game I even acknowledge as far as future releases are concerned, and True Fantasy Live Online from Level 5 also has my attention.

In the meantime, like I stated, I will continue to play Final Fantasy XI. Having hacked the music files is nice, especially when running through the caravan of Rabao in Altepa Desert with “Wandering” playing from Panzer Dragoon Saga. Running through Altepa Desert itself, I have the music “The Fallen Ground” playing in the background… it’s great stuff, heh.

BTW Kadamose, the original members of Blizzard aren’t even at Blizzard anyways. They’re all working on Guild Wars, an upcoming MMORPG developed under the company name ArenaNet.

i bought warcraft III today :anjou_love:

Have fun with it. g Multiplayer is of course the heart of any RTS but the single player campaign is quite fun as well and is a great introduction to WoW. Just completed it myself a few weeks ago.


Panzer Dragoon wasn’t a gameplay breakthrough either, for the record. [/quote]

Of course it wasnt.But it hadn’t half the hype WoW is getting.I just wanted a justification for that hype.

I’m an American and I’ve had the game for about a month.
Me loves it so much! :anjou_love:

It’s called a game review.

And thus I’m hyped :smiley:


I’m sure people who don’t know what the Panzer Dragoon series is, feel the same way.