Anyone heard this?

I heard that PSOne claims to be the first console to be able to play CDs on it and have a visual background, but that Saturn could do that!
And, of course, was before the PSOne.

Anyone else heard this?

Source was a mate that knows random and strange things.

Sounds like your mate either heard wrong, or there’s some very mixed up advertising out there.

I presume/d he’s

  1. Lying

  2. More confused than I originally thought.

Just thought I’d check first.

My Sega CD system (when it was alive) was able to do that. 0_o
Well the CD part, I cannot remember about the visuals.

i’m afraid i don’t understand what is meant by “visual background”

were all the backgrounds that i saw in my saturn games non-visual backgrounds? :frowning:

He means playing AUDIO CDs with a visual background, kind of like winamp visualizations…

And for the record, I believe the Playstation’s first versions could not do that, it was either introduced with PSOne or with a later Playstation model, one or the other…

So It’s:
a) Wrong. (It would be wrong even if it was with the first PS model, the Saturn was earlier than that too)
b) Insignificant.
c) Would anyone actually advertise a console that way? "Oh wee we have visual backgrounds, buy us buy us!"
d) Why are we still discussing this…

I just re-read the first post and I saw he actually talked about the PSOne but I’m leaving my post unedited cos lots of ppl refer to the Playstation as PSOne nowadays… And I’m bored. Anyway, some of the points still apply.

lmao yes READING them does help =)

Sega CD could? well thats cool^^

By visual backgrounds, I meant, not just the display panel.
On the Saturn you could click a button taking away the control panel and go into space watching a ship fly around.

Visual backgrounds such as that.

And as just stated, I did mean Audio CDs.

Actually, you’re both wrong. The CDI was the first console that could do that, I’m sure.