Anyone have a high resolution picture of the European cover?

I was just wondering if anyone would happen to have or know of a place with a picture of the European cover from PDO. It’s a really cool picture (so crazy and colorful!) and I’ve had this silly idea of having it printed on a shirt or something like that (since they don’t make REAL PDO shirts…). So would anyone have a really good quality version of it, like around 1200x1200 resolution and perfectly centered/rotated? Also a high res version of the US cover wouldn’t hurt either. I’ve checked the “Art of Lagi” site, but couldn’t find any covers there. Thanks in advance for any help.

I found it once before…

Hold up. I’ll look for it.

Does this help?

Hmm, helps a little, though I’d prefer a higher resolution version of it. Thanks anyway though, but we’ll see if Orta can dig up a better quality one :wink:

I have a question…how come the Japanese and European versions of coverart always kickass, while the American versions just completely suck?

Cause America sucks X)

Because we have better artists?

I thought the Japanese cover for PDO was the worst. The American one was a bit better, and then Europe got the whole crazy dance party light show cover.

How’s this???

Ahh, that’s a bit better, although I’m still not sure if it’s big enough. Aren’t shirts usually printed at at least 100dpi? If so then the cropped picture would only be like 5" by 4" on a shirt (unless I scale it, which would probably have unfavorable results), which would be a bit on the small side. Still, it might come in handy, thanks.

I did my good deed for the day and scanned it for you!

Dimensions are 1220x1735, but if you need it any bigger just let me know (the original bitmap is 3051x4338, scanned at 600dpi).

a good deed on your first post? :open_mouth:

that makes your track record 100% benevolent


Xiuying’s english tho…

:stuck_out_tongue: Welcome Xiuying :slight_smile: where have ya been?!

Xiuying! Shenmue!
England! <3!

Welcome ^^

Welcome to the forums, xiuying.

Oh…my…god. Thank you SO much xiuying, it’s PERFECT! I’m so appreciative that you not only took the time to scan in the image, compress it, and host it on a website, but you even signed up for the forums! If you ever need any 3d animation work done, just let me know and I’ll see if I can return the favor :smiley:

Oh, and if it’s no trouble can you put the original bitmap up too and I’ll grab it (if your webspace will allow it). I don’t think I’ll need it, but better safe than sorry, and that way if someone else wants it later on it will save someone the trouble of scanning it in again.

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Solis: no problem. I can stick an original-sized jpeg up on my webspace but I think the bitmap would be a bit of a strain on the server (it’s 38mb!) (2.17mb)

It won’t be up for more than a few days, so nab it while you can.

Blame it on the marketers that only know what they make, and not their business.

Alright, I grabbed the large resolution one. If anyone needs it in the future I can throw it up on my angelfire site. I forgot the bitmap would be so large, sure shows you how nice compression is when you turn a 36mb file into a 2mb one!

Thanks again for scanning it in, I look forward to seeing you on the forum :wink:

I actually liked the Western covers of PDS better than the Japanese one.