Anyone else actually finish PDS on an emulator?

Before anyone asks, yes I do own a copy of PDS, and yes I do still have my Sega Saturn.

Just curious if anyone here has actually played PDS all the way through on an emulator. I just recently played through it on SSF. Although I encountered a few minor glitches along the way, I managed to finish the game.

There’s only 1 problem though. After the credits roll, there’s one more cinematic, and then you’re supposed to be able to save your game. This allows you to go back to the world map and explore a couple of extras that are only available after you finish the game.

My problem is that after it shows the 2nd to last cinematic, and before the credits should begin to roll, the game simply quits out to the Saturn’s CD load screen. I’ve tried it with like 5 different versions of SSF and it does the same thing every time.

Although I’m glad that I was able to finish the game, I wish It would allow me to make that final save game so that I could go back to the world map and see those extras. Has anyone been able to do this on SSF or any other SS emulator?

Yeah. I have. I played through PDS on SSF in the middle of last year. The only glitch I came across was the green roof of the Gigra cave, but other than this it was just like playing it on the Saturn, it was perfect.

This was on SSF 009 beta R2. I’m running Vista 64-bit. What versions have you tried, and what’s your operating system?

Windows XP Pro, although I doubt it’s related to that.

I tried SSF 009 alpha R4 and beta R4, as well as SSF 010 prototype R3, and 010 Alpha. I played about 95% of the game on 010 Alpha. There was a boss (Guardian Dragon?) where it would get stuck (right before battle the game wouldn’t advance. Everything would still animate, but they just sat there indefinitely)- so I switched to a different version just to get past that point.

Gonna give that SSF 009 beta R2 a try, I’ll let you know what happens.

No dice, the exact same thing still happened. As soon as it reached the point where the credits should start to roll, it just kicked back out to the Saturn CD load screen again.

I was able to play PDS all the way through without any game crashing problems.

The problems I found:
Green gigra roof
georgius floor texture rotation
sestren pixel problem (the same problem can be found in Nights into dreams)
excavation site texture glitch (happens at in game cinema, as basic wing flies to the ground)

Windows XP SP3
intel 2.0ghz dual core
7900 gs go
1 gb ram
SSF version 8 alpha R4 (although other, later builds seem to work fine for me)

Were you able to save your game after the credits, and then go back out and explore the world map?

Also, were you guys using actual PDS CDs, or were you mounting the CD image file to a virtual drive?

No, I used the actual discs. I dunno man, could be any number of reasons why it’s not working. Could try reinstalling Windows and going from there but that’s a big step.

I finished it on an early build of SSF. That was a couple years ago. I used my discs to create disc images and I played off of those. Everything worked fine.

I only played 2 PD games: Zwei and Saga.

I played Zwey in my Sega, which still works.

Saga, i had to play on SSF emulator, but i must say that it plays perfect.

I’ve played through it a few times using an old version of GiriGiri, it’s kind of a pain because it occasionally freezes when there is text during boss battles. Has been fixed with the newer emulators?

Welcome to TWOTA, looked.

The game runs a lot better on the SSF emulator.

Try SSF, i runs almost flawlessly :anjou_happy:

I’m close to finishing it on SSF. No glitches so far.

Just got to the final battle with Sestren, but it simply froze during his chatter then threw me back to the title screen. I’m using SSF 011 alpha R2, and there’s a newer version which I’ll try later.

SSF 011 Alpha always gave me problems, i still use SSF 010 Alpha, to me is the best version so far, never had problems :anjou_happy:

FINALLY! I just finished Saga! Poor Edge… :anjou_sad:

The trick was to save the game state right before Sestren begins his speech, then restart SSF and reload the state.

BTW, awesome music in the credits! Just as awesome as Anu Orta Veniya!

There’s only one problem: it crashes right after the credits screen. Oh well, that’s better than not being able to finish the game.