Any SRB2 fans here?

As a member of the SRB2 forums, I have QUITE a bit of interest in the game. Anyone else who shares the passion of SRB2 gameplay?

Sonic Robo Blast 2? Yeah, it’s one of my top Sonic fangames. I’ve played through it many times. Platforming, music, level design are all very creative and fun! A prime example of what Sonic should have been like on the Saturn.

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My thoughts exactly, mate! Though, I hope next update, they bring new characters, maybe Sally or something! They’re gonna make an update soon! Let’s hope it’s great!

My wish if for them to completely remake Sonic CD in the SRB2 engine. I saw a video where someone recreated a couple levels from Sonic CD and it looked really good! Remaking all the levels into a new mod would be fantastic!

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…Wouldn’t that be a MOD kind of thing, rather than a MAIN GAME thing?
If I ever get SLADE to work, Ima make a Sonic 1 map pack, cuz why the hell not!
CD is something on my mind.

(Ignore me, I didn’t see the part you said mod at-)

My favorite mod has to be the EggPack mod! Playing as Eggman is fun and rewarding once you learn him! He’s kinda like Tails but with a more gamble kind of gameplay! Flies faster and higher, but falls faster!

It’s pretty amazing how the Doom engine was able to allow for such a good Sonic game!

I know, right? It’s…all I really have time to do, since I’m so busy…