Any more info on the Ancients? (No Orta Spoilers dammit)

Since the news of Warhammer 40k’s card game starting a new Horus Heresy set (In brief, the event which structured the universe as it is now), I was thinking today about the Ancients. In Orta, was any more information given out about the Ancient Age, or the Ancients themselves? At least, any which doesn’t give away the story of Orta (maybe I’ll have an X-box soon)?

I’m planning on (finally) finishing SotT and starting a short story on the end of the Ancient Age.

Well, right after Orta and Lagi have had passionate sex, he reveals to her the secret of the Ancients - they were all cheese munching ducks who were highly sophisticated yet highly unevolved at the same time.

sounds about right to me

There’s some of what is stated in Pandora’s Box. However there are some very interesting things revealed in the actual story about the Ancients. Very interesting indeed.

Sounds cool. I’ve always wanted to write something about the fall of the Ancient Age too. It should be interesting to see what can come up with. My advice though: play Orta first. It will clear up a few misconceptions about the Ancient civilization.