Anthem (new Bioware game)

I thought, this looks quite good, and is set to provide a lot of freedom to the player due to being able to glide around an open world with a jet pack. Then I read that the game is multiplayer, so I’m not sure how I feel about it. Technically it’s impressive at least. Hopefully they will include a decent single player mode too.

That comes across like nothing so much as a methodical reversioning of Destiny tbh. It has Halo/Bungie DNA copies everywhere, which is no bad thing, but typical EA conservative MO.

It looks impressive, but no single player and I’m out. The less mmorpg, the better.

I kind of wish Bioware would go back to their roots, solid story driven experiences​ in the vein of Balder’s Gate, KOTOR and the original Mass Effect.

Was it me or did I catch one guy ho looked like Garrus from ME on that first balcony the guys jumps off of?

Man such production values…channeled to such generic design concepts. I do like the flying aspect…that shit should have been done ages ago…I hope it plays really well. But this whole space/shooting/alienmarine/merc thing needs to end. Is this the extent of people’s imagination?

I used to buy the argument it was a matter of the moneyhats wanting to approve your idea or what the market would accept…nowadays I see it as one big joke. There’s ample proof in any medium that people will support and choose quality and imaginativeness and new ideas when they are presented…and that it even sells…it just seems these companies exists to continue making games for …the sake of just making games…whether there’s a genuine great idea behind it or not. There seems to be no vision allied to the production values…kinda like Hollywood. I hope that middleware becomes stronger going into the future so that people of all technical backgrounds have an easier time making their own games, so that we can inject some fresh air into the medium.