Another item in the list of "crimes" in schools

Love and affection.

There have been several articles about teens being given detention for hugging their girlfriends, boyfriends or buddies.

Hmm. So some schools want to crackdown on PDA but are at a loss as to how to protect their students from bullies and random acts of violence. Good thing I left high school 12 years ago. At least back then it had some semblance of sanity for me. None of this “zero tolerance” crap.

They can’t even stop the teachers from fucking the students. How are they to stop students from showing each other affection?

A teacher in my town was recently prosecuted for giving a little “extra credit” to one of his female students, if you catch my drift. Odd thing is I’d actually met the guy before, as he was in a production of The Importance of Being Earnest. Wild, really. The guy seemed perfectly normal and nice when I met him. Which I suspect he is. He just happens to like to fuck seventeen year olds.

Personally the way kids are maturing these days I think the legal age of consent should be lowered to fourteen.

Anyway, back on topic. As a high school graduate I too recall being accosted by teachers for just hugging my then-girlfriend in the halls. What the christ. Kids smoke pot in the bathrooms and fuck in the stalls and get away with a phonecall to mom and dad, but I get treated like a goddamned criminal for showing a little affection? Shouldn’t affection be encouraged? I understand it’s a learning environment, but everyone knows you don’t really learn shit until you get to college. High school and everything before it is for developing social skills, and romantic entanglements are part of life. I say let the kids fuck away.

Thank goodness all that’s over. I feel sorry for kids these days. School sucks ass more and more as the years go on, and public school systems become more and more authoritarian, telling teachers what to teach, how to teach it, molding a generation of drones with their mental slavery.

Reminds me of this article, but in this case, woe to any father for holding his daughter’s hand!


Blah, I remember how much trouble I got into for kissing my boyfriend back in high school.
Seems like nothing has changed but getting worse really. =/

Strange world you people live in.

Political correctness gone mad once again. As if trying to ban religious symbols in schools wasn’t bad enough.

Anyone hear of that story where that kid got busted for getting a blowjob from a girl who was fifteen when he was seventeen? He’s serving a ten year sentence now.

Everyone who bitches about the “injustice” of Paris Hilton only serving half her sentence can effectively shut the hell up. You want injustice, it’s right here. That kid shouldn’t be in prison. The world is sheer lunacy.

What exactly was he charged with?

Never heard that one before but I am not surprised about it either. I am sure it was because of their age difference ( 2 years! oh noes!) that he got busted.
That, or her parents just did not like him.

Lesson today for those considered adults: Never date jail-bait, all it takes is for the parents to not like you or your bf/gf really becomes bitter with you.

Sure there are exceptions to that rule, but you never know. 0_0

That’s why with the way kids develop nowadays the legal age of consent should be fourteen.

Also, is it true that in some states it’s considered rape if you sleep with a girl (and, in a most sexist move here, it only applies to a girl, implying that women are less capable at decision making than men) while she’s drunk? That shit needs to stop.

How true…

I myself as a 17 Yearold who just finnished high school… now wish I had been born several decades ago so I could have avoided how absolutly f*cked the world has turned out.

As for the age of consent, where I live it’s 16 but Teachers are never allowed to have a relationship with any of their students even AFTER they’ve graduated…

Which is pretty crazy.

Government and Laws here are all hypocritical ass-a-holes.

I myself as a 17 Yearold who just finnished high school… now wish I had been born several decades ago so I could have avoided how absolutly f*cked the world has turned out.[/quote]

Ah, yes, the good old days when Pa came home from his job as a tobacco lobbyist, and, after putting down his briefcase and decking out Ma for not having dinner on the table promptly by the time he arrived, enveloped you and your four siblings in his arms while bestowing upon you various candies and pulp magazines that he picked up on the way home from work that preach the necessity of rooting out your black/gay/atheist neighbors as potential Communist spies. Things were so much better then. Please.

[quote]As for the age of consent, where I live it’s 16 but Teachers are never allowed to have a relationship with any of their students even AFTER they’ve graduated…

Which is pretty crazy.[/quote]

No, it’s not that far-fetched, actually. While educational standards are in the eyes of the law hardly “sacred,” one standard comes close: The idea that the teacher-student bond remain just that. I actually admit that I like this idea, and while I do often see stories of some hot blonde teacher having sex with her male students and think “Where were they when I was in school?”, at heart I know that they get what’s coming to them. The fact of the matter is that when a teacher approaches a student on such a level, they are no longer teacher and student anymore, it’s a wholly different matter in which they both view each other as equals, thus destroying the illusion of the teacher and student.

I’ll give you an example of how teacher-student relationships are fucked up: Where I live, the capital city of Florida, there was recently an incident at a local high school in which a male teacher was accused of having a sexual relationship with a female student. The thing is, this school is part of the International Baccalaureate program, and they teach things… differently, to put things mildly. The teachers act more like peers to students; essentially, like friends. So this guy would take the kids out to lunch, hang out with them, chat with them on AIM, let them sit in his desk at school, etc. And, for whatever reason, when news of the scandal broke out, there was outrage among the students. “He would never do that; he was my friend”—A girl I know said, trying to defend him. “We were best friends, he’d let me sit on his lap at times, even.” What the fuck Batman. This is testament to the density of teenage girls, for one, but also, it proves my point. Once a teacher treats a student as anything other than that, it opens the door for sickos like this to take advantage of the naivety of their students.

Wow, what a carefully-crafted, cogent argument. :anjou_sigh:

Actually I agree with the principle of… well principles regarding teacher - student conduct. But the idea that someone is a “sicko” for caving to their attraction for a much younger student is rather trite. The funny thing is that, the example that seems to cause the most outrage, that of an older male and a younger female, is anthropologically speaking the most “natural”.

Technically, perversion is something that is outside natural tendencies, lusting after a post pubescent (if only barely) female is about as natural as it gets actually. So a teacher who goes there is not really a pervert, but they are certainly unprincipled and deserve to be barred from that vocation completely. To say nothing of what other laws may apply.

I was speaking in broad terms; I personally don’t find it terribly perverse from my own point of view, but the general public does look upon these people as “pervs,” since heaven forbid an 18+ male finds somebody’s “baby” (aka 17 year old girl with terrific tits and ass) even moderately attractive.

Lower the age of consent.

But like I said, the teacher-student principles are pretty sound.

I have hiv

There seems to be a pattern that the less consistently an area of law is enforced, the more convoluted and absurd the legislation will become.

Holy heck. It’s getting worse. I just heard a story about a couple 13-year-old boys in Oregon being hauled away in handcuffs from their school for smacking the butts of a couple girls. The felony charges were later dropped, but they’re going to be supervised while in school for a good while and might even be required to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. This is nuts! Is common sense going down the drain in schools?

Well, as for the US we’re experiencing a neurotic crisis as a nation. Just as it happens in an individual, the more distasteful circumstances become the greater the tendency to focus on little things and find scapegoats to avoid dealing with more immediate problems.

Republicans and Democrats have that one thing in common at least, amping up outrage over long standing facts of the human condition as a substitution for a real plan or honoring the fundamentals of their platform. The key difference seems to be that of old-school vs new-school morality. It’s just a shame that “progress” in gender relations for the liberals seems to take the shape of pretending billion year old biological imperatives are somehow wrong?

Err, wait that doesn’t sound so different from the Religious Right now does it…