Another fan right under my nose

I just found out last night that one of my friends from school has played PD1. This would be the first time I’ve met someone in the flesh who knows what PD is and has played it. I will be picking his brain a lot more, and subjecting him to Saga. Woot!

Pretty exciting!

I have yet to physically meet another Panzer Dragoon fan. It is kind of strange.

And thus, the world was enlightened to a higher state of being.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has previously played Panzer, aside from of course Solo and Arco.


Can’t believe that I have friends? Or that I don’t live in the kitchen?

I’m really excited about it. Maybe we can have a Panzer Party. =)

A Panzer Party ey? Does that mean we’re to dress up? Bagsie Gash.

I won’t make anyone dress up, although that does have the potential to be awesome.


Your cryptic posts are a bit suspicious there, Mr Chizzles.


I knew a kid once who lent me his copy of PD1 after I played Zwei for the first time. The bastard would then convince me there was a sequel in the making. Except he was making it up and telling me all kinds of bull. :anjou_sigh:

I eventually murdered that kid.

Zomg, but there was a sequel, twas called Saga! What did you do?!

Yeah but it wasn’t what he was describing. I got suspicious when he told me there would be a dragon that would actually spit fire but what did I know?

So i guess I don’t really feel guilty for killing him.

Did you shoot his dead body afterward and watch it jiggle while all of his team mates captured ur flag?

I laughed. XD

Well my husband is a fan. Could be because I introduce the game to him. :slight_smile:

The other fan I know of was the one who sold me his copy of Saga in high school. He would regret this later.

Wow, you’re married now? Time flies. :slight_smile:

Yep. Join the rest of us in sighing in despair. :frowning:

Feel uncomfortable among real-life killers, Chizzle? I thought you of all people would understand.


Yep. Join the rest of us in sighing in despair. :([/quote]

What, getting married? F that!

hahaha, yeah, gehn knows :wink:


I ask you to root your ____ into my ______ and this is how you repay me?

I’ve forced my girlfriend to play the PD games and now shes /kind of/ a fan.