Ancient Weapon's NiGHTS Into Dreams tracks

Here they are: … to_dreams/

The tracks are recorded directly from the game, so they’re identical to what you hear while playing. Ancient Weapon also sent me lossless versions of the tracks, and I could probably provide these via BitTorrent at some point in the future if anyone is interested.

Thanks. Those tracks are bringing back all sorts of pleasant and depressing memories.

I have the Christmas, angry, happy and neutral tracks too if anyone’s interested.

EDIT: Unless those are already covered by those different versions… :anjou_angry:

Argh. I really need to get my mits on NiGHTS one of these days.

Uh… you’re welcome, Geoffrey! :anjou_happy:

Really, I’m just glad I finally got them up somewhere. I was pretty gutted to discover that there were others online after making them but hopefully anyone who’s not downloaded those can try these instead.

[quote=“Kimimi”]I have the Christmas, angry, happy and neutral tracks too if anyone’s interested.

EDIT: Unless those are already covered by those different versions… :anjou_angry:[/quote]

These versions include all four mood variations for all tracks except Growing Wings, which only has one variation anyway. As you know, in the game each track is split into music sections and each can have its own mood, but that would have been a little time-consuming to record all possible combinations so the tracks I provided are the same moods all the way through, which I feel makes sense.

Thanks everyone. :anjou_happy:

Cheers AW, I’ve just finished downloading them myself. The links to the “Take the Snow Train” tracks on that page don’t seem to be working at the moment though Solo, as the word “The” has an upper-case “T” in the filenames but the links are looking for lower-case "t"s. The files are there, though (I just entered the addresses manually…)

cool, glad to see they are finally up!
nice work :anjou_happy:

Thanks for pointing that out… I’ve fixed them now. If anyone spots any more errors, let me know (that includes corrupted files).

Ancient Weapon, do the tracks that you’ve submitted include the tracks from Christmas NiGHTS as well? If I’m not mistaken, Kimimi was refering those those four variations (Christmas, happy, neutral, and angry) as well as the regular ones… although I’ve never played Christmas NiGHTS so I’m not entirely sure.

The Panzer Dragoon soundtracks will be coming soon, stay tuned…

There is only one stage in christmas NiGHTS, and the music is Jack Frost’s Chime.
THis also has four variations however. The other original stages don’t have christmas variations

if that makes sense

I attempted to and hopefully have provided all tracks which would not be available as audio tracks on the game CDs. I understand I may not have so apologies if I’ve missed something.

(Obviously I was a bit saddened on discovering it had already been done but I wondered if I’d have been the only person who’d do such recordings!)

As far as I know Jack Frost’s Chime is the only Christmas level with generated music and I provided mood variations of it. Scott got it right on! :anjou_happy:

Are my tracks actually hosted anywhere? I don’t think SegaXtreme ever put them up - incidentally, their soundtrack section seems to have undergone some major hanges since I last visited - and Solo’s folder no longer exists. It isn’t important, as those other tracks are probably still out there; I’m just wondering.

(I should put those tracks on my DAP - along with my PD soundtracks! :anjou_happy:)

[size=75]Edit: Has it really been a whole year? So much has changed, and so much hasn’t . . . I wish I was only talking about this site![/size]

fixed … nto_dreams

Sorry about that. Earlier in the year I reuploaded the whole site to a new server, but I left out the “underground_ruins” directory thinking that it was only my personal stuff… but of course, I forgot that your tracks were in there too.

That’s great, Chris, but . . .


[quote]Directory has no index file.
Browsing this site or directory without an index file is prohibited.[/quote]

Actually, I’m not too worried. Unless anybody who doesn’t yet have these tracks wishes to download them, I’m not fussed. :anjou_happy: Thanks anyway!

Whoops… I thought that link would show up all the files in the directory, but it’s different on this host. fixed for real now

If there’s anything you want me to add or change such as the order of the file list, or the layout, let me know.

Nah, that should be fine. Thanks very much! :anjou_happy: