Amazing papercraft work

I just found this while searching some tweets about Panzer Dragoon. Granted, I understood absolutely nothing written in that site, but the picture and the video are definitely worth more than the words. Just amazing.


Man, that’s pretty special. I remember when I was like, 12, I created a dragon out of paper. It was pretty naff really but I wonder if I still have it…

I think I’ll make a couple of these. One for my room, one for my workplace. But I guess I’ll end up making a dozen just to get one looking okay… :anjou_embarassed:

That is pretty seriously awesome.
The most hardcore papercraft I ever made was a Chao from Sonic Adventure (2?). It did not come out 100% perfect, but it was neat.

i wanna see the chao :anjou_love:

Wow, impressive work. Thanks for sharing!