...amazing. Flash - with flair!

This must constitute amongst the most unique (and longest - it keeps it up for an absolute age!) Flash animations that I’ve yet seen - it’s an adaptation of the closing stages of Final Fantasy VI - except that this time it’s set against the background of the Console Wars! Game Boy Advance, 3DO, Saturn, DC, PlayStation, NeoGeo and N64 all band together to square off against the malignant menace of the vile multimedia monstrosity, PSP, and his cronies Famicon, Mega-CD 32X and PC Engine.

It sounds weird, granted, but it’s quite, quite something to watch. The fact that a PlayStation heads the party of console freedom fighters is grossly and appallingly offensive, true, but Sega saves the day at the end. :anjou_happy: Only for those showboating Game Boy Colours to steal the glory at the end… grr…

I’d reccomend that you give this a look, it’s quite fascinating stuff.


That has to be one of the greatest flash animations i have seen as well.
I love how the NeoGeo pocket comes in at the very end!

Yet I don’t understand whats so bad about the PSP? I have one and it is quite an impressive piece of hardware. I really like the PSP and whats its capabel of.

Awesome. I loved the Xbox. “Projectiles have no effect” indeed.

Hahahaha, that was funny. I liked how the xbox only said, “Gragh!”. lol. I’m with alex in that I don’t see what’s wrong with the PSP either, it would have been a more suitable role for the DS. :anjou_happy:

The PSP lacks something very important that every handheld needs: long battery life.

I don’t know, 4.5 hours seems like a long time to me. Tell me the last time you sat and played games for that long straight. It may not have the longest battery life, but I doubt many people will use up all that time before they geta chance to recharge.

I don’t know, 4.5 hours seems like a long time to me. Tell me the last time you sat and played games for that long straight.[/quote]

When I was first going through it, I played Skies of Arcadia Legends for SEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT. Yes, I had a headache afterwards.

well, the battery life depends on what kind of game you’re playing and if you are using a wifi or infrastructure. I can play Twisted Metal on infrastructure for quite a while. If you’re playing a game with simple graphics like Lumines, you can get a LONG time out of it. I also play Untold Legends on it which has average graphics and that gets me quite some time too. Plus, the battery can be taken out. You can buy more batteries if you really want to spend 10 hours of non stop playing (besides changing the battery). There is also this case that i saw on Gamespot.com that extends the battery life but it was pricey and I think it would be awkward to play it with a case surrounding it, not to mention trying to push the L and R buttons.

Although you might not regularly it for 4.5 hours straight, what about about if you were going somewhere without power for several days and wanted to play it on or off? Apparantly when playing UMD movies that time can go down to 2.5 - 3 hours as well which is bearly enough time to watch one film.

Der Metzgermeister: Doesn’t the PSP come with a rechargeable battery like the GBA SP, rather than removable batteries? At least, that’s what I thought…

The PSP does come with a rechargeable battery. I see your point about the traveling with no power supply, but I think we’ll start seeing newer batteries being produced that will help stretch that time out.

I saw that case you were talking abour Der Metz, it really is like a second shell around the PSP and kind of defeats the purpose of a small portable system if you have to carry that whole thing around.

I played Golden Sun: The Lost Age (which I bought entire based on the fact that I recognised the main character from Felix’s avatar, and it turned out to be one of my best buys in quite a while :anjou_love:) on my GBA for about 11 hours straight last weekend. I never intended to do this, but I sort of lost track of time, and only noticed how long i’d been playing it for into when I went to unplug my GBA, which had been charging as I played, and a saw that it was 4am…

To be slightly more on-topic, I’d not really be happy with 4.5 hours of play simply because it would bug me having to charge it up so often (not because I make a habbit of 11 hours gaming session, honest :anjou_embarassed:).

Although I’m still somewhat miffed at how the PlayStation could become the leader of the group considering the message they are attempting to convey (explained below), I gathered that the creators’ collective intention by representing the malignant PlayStationPortable as the consoles’ nemesis was to highlight the menace of the PSP’s multimedia functions.

These dilute its worth as a platform as they divert resources and imagination away from purist gaming by investment in films and music. This introduces the danger of games degenerating into unadventurous ‘supplemental entertainment’, like mobile 'phone titles, rather than the complete games we were accustomed to in yesteryear. Gaming stops being involving and engrossing, the cement that binds communities and a powerful way of life, and just become some brightly-coloured frippery that whittles away a few minutes whilst you’re waiting for the 'bus.

The battery is rechargable but it can also be taken out so you can have more than one if you wish, unlike the GBASP and the DS. Plus, you can get more than just 3 hours when watching movies.

Also, talking about multimedia functions diluting its worth as a platform is pure garbage. The Xbox and PS2 both have multimedia functions and they do just fine. Extra features do nothing but add to how much enjoyment you can get out of it. I’d rather buy a PSP than buy an ipod and then a PS2 with the screen and an external power supply for less functions and more money than what I’d get with the first option. All platforms play games, how would being able to also use it for watching a movie or mp4 decrease it’s crediblity as a platform?

And for battery life, charging it doesn’t really matter since, like always, you can play it while you’re charging and it doesn’t take that long to charge it either. Also, no matter what portable you have, if you go somewhere for several days and you play it a lot, the battery is going to end up dead.

And the games for PSP aren’t really cell phone minute games, they’re actually far from them. From what I’ve heard, Wipeout Pure is pretty long. There will always be a dissapointingly short play game like the Dynasty Wariors that is on it but that doesn’t speak for all of them. I havn’t seen to many incomplete short play games but they’re out on every system. The games that engross people are still here. There are, even though I don’t think it’s all that, Halo tournaments and huge lan parties all over the place. Sure, the games for PSP at the moment aren’t really long but that’s changing fast with games like the new medievil (i’m pretty sure it’ll be longer), and gran turismo 4 mobile coming for it. Also, quite a few RPGs like Tales of Eternia and Ys are to come.

Thats impressive…I hope you have fun with Golden Sun, a great choice!! :anjou_happy:

I have Wipeout Pure and I have clocked in roughly 5 hours into the game, and haven’t even reached the midway point in unlocking everything. (Roughly 70 Gold Medals, I have 23) It could be becuase I suck at the game, but at the same time there are a ton of modes and depth to this title.

I suspect at E3 a bunch more games will be announced for the PSP, including RPG’s. Currently i’m not sure if Tales of Eternia is coming to US shores, as well as Ys, but I sure wouldn’t mind.

Also a game to look out for is Advent Shadow, a spinoff of Advent Rising that will ship the same day. Apparently it’s already done and was supposed to be a launch title, but they decided to wait.

Well, if Tales of Eternia doesn’t come to America, we can always play the playstation version that did but under the name Tales of Destiny 2 for some reason. It might, you never know. But I’m still wondering why namco has sent the U.S. an uncomplete series. There was Tales of Destiny, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Symphonia…But no Tales of Phantasia. But I’m not complaining since I got a translated ToP SNES rom off of www.vimm.net

Oh, I still have the first Golden Sun but without a gameboy advance anymore lol. I never tried the second one though I wanted to. Even though I could sell my GBA, I somehow couldn’t part with GS even if I’m not able to play it… Maybe I’ll buy an sp someday…someday…

I won’t be surprised if a GBA emulator pops up for the PSP in a couple months.

I loved Tales of Symphonia (whats a Symphonia anyways…), and I don’t have a PS anymore, so Tales of Eternia will be my only hope to continue the series…

I don’t think Symphonia is even a real word lol. But yea, I’m hoping for an SNES emulator for it even more so I can play Tales of Phantasia on it. A GBA emulator would be cool too. I wonder if they’d post it on pspcrazy.com if there was news about some. There is some mp4 downloads there. They have Family Guy, South Park, some crappy anime i.e. speedracer (the only anime I’d download is Excell Saga or Naruto ^^). There’s not much but it should grow.

Symphonia is a Greek word. Literally it means ‘(they?) sound together’. It can - among other things - mean agreement, musical symphony, ensemble, or even its first mentioned literal translation (though you aren’t going to meet that last meaning in modern Greek for sure).

Robert: I don’t think you need to worry, portables aren’t what shapes the market for sure despite their often amazing popularity (as far as Nintendo is concerned atleast so far).

Also, portables were mostly meant to offer quick and fun gaming in short sessions instead of replacing regular consoles or PCs therefor it’s natural to see many many short games on them or games like wario ware.

Still, they do have their own share of ‘proper’ games as well, such as the likes of Golden Sun and Castlevania series on the Gameboy Advance, so a gamer that only has a portable isn’t likely to miss a certain kind of game (unless it’s a FPS… but the new portables seem capable of having those decently too)

And, to add to the point given above, even these ‘proper’ games often HAVE to do some adjustments (that their 'big brothers on the consoles don’t have) to be playable in short sessions as well such as the ability to save mid-battle in a TBS/RPG game or a quit & save function for other games that creates a save file from which you can only resume play once before it’s gone (sort of like a long pause function that isn’t gone when you turn off the system I guess).

Thanks Al3x for clearing up waht Symphonia means, I guess in context it makes some sense, the game is an ensemble of characters with their own stories.

Speaking of FPSs on the new handhelds, has anyone else heard about Coded Arms? I’m not sure if I should get it or not since I havn’t heard too much about it and the multiplayer only supports four ppl for some reason. Its controlls aren’t a problem because I used the same type of setup on TS2 to test it out and it works fine, just needs a little getting used to.