Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey

Anyone else a fan of these mobile games? I find they’re great for relaxing when you’ve got a few minutes to kill and want to play something that flows well. Beautiful abstract art that looks great on smartphones and larger tablet displays.

The first game has been out on Android for a few months now, with the second game coming soon. What’s interesting is that, due to consumer differences between iOS and Android platforms, the Android version of Alto’s Adventure is free to play, while the iOS version requires a small amount of money to buy the game. There’s an interesting article about how the developers monetised the Android version, with players even requesting more types of in-app purchases. That’s something I can’t personally relate to, preferring to buy games outright, but there you have it.

Regardless, Alto’s Adventure and it’s sequel are two of the finest mobile titles I’ve played, so be sure to give them a try regardless of what platform you use.

That looks clean. I’d love this on the Switch since we’d at least have descent controls in portable mode.

It’s a one button control scheme; part of the appeal is it’s simplicity, yet there’s a fair amount of depth based on when you decide to press the jump button and for how long.

I see.
It would work even better on Switch then. Touch screen possible OR using the joy con to not interfere with the image and take advantage of a wide screen (my iphone 6+ screen is relatively small in comparison).

Yeah, I can see it being nice not to have your thumb cover the screen if possible. I remember playing some top down shooters on mobile recently and finding it hard to see where enemy fire was coming from. That’s less of a problem with the Alto games though.