Altered Beast is no show in the U.S

Hi guys, this is my first posts since joining a Panzer Dragoon community. Nice to be here.

Since everyone here enjoys Sega games, I thought I would bring to your attention that a remake of a classic game called “Altered Beast” will not be released in the U.S. Sucks eh?

Your thoughts…

I haven’t played the original and I don’t really have an idea about the concept for each of them.

Welcome btw :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!

Hmm, I assume you’re talking about the 3d Altered Beast that was in development for PS2? Well, that seems odd, I thought the game was practically being made for the American market, strange that they aren’t even bringing it over. Maybe we’ll get really lucky and another publisher will pick it up, I remember how Sword of the Berserk on the Dreamcast wasn’t planned for a US release until Eidos got the rights to it (and they did a damn good job translating and voicing it, I must say).

You can read the full story here: … 11962.html

I actually didn’t like Altered Beast. Oh well.

This is a strange move even for Sega. Perhaps the game isn’t shaping up as well as Sega had hoped.

If the game turns out to suck, then I’m sure no one will mind in the least.

Also, an American/European publisher hasn’t been announced for the new Berserk game for the Playstation 2. I suspect that if Sammy Studios doesn’t bring it over, then Sega will. With the success of games like Onimusha, only a fool would ignore this opportunity.