Alita: Battle Angel

We discussed this film on Discord, but I thought I’d make a topic here too. One of the best films I’ve seen in a while, full of impressive action, world building, and emotion.

I must watch Alita again some time in 4K, along with the original anime series. Hopefully we’ll get that sequel, as it was clearly set up for more than one movie.

I just watched this recently. It was really good. The CGI is top notch and Alita was a believable character; very well acted. I have a question though… Does the original Manga go past the ending of the movie?

Do they have more Manga to go on for the sequel or will they have to write a new story to finish it?

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The movie is really only a small part of the manga’s story, and seemingly important characters in the movie don’t actually play much of a role in the rest of the story. The only constant is Alita. I think it’s very unlikely they’ll ever adapt the entire manga (which is still on-going).

The movie is actually a mix between the OVA and the manga, as not all characters in the OVA and movie actually appear in the manga. But it’s a very faithful adaption overall. I was surprised to see some elements about Alita’s origins being revealed in the movie which only actually appear much later in the manga. The only thing I disliked was Nova’s role in the movie, as his character is much more complex than how he was portrayed in the movie.

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