Alan Wake Humble Weekly Bundle

There’s a nice humble bundle this week which might be of interest to people here. It includes Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, both the DRM-free and Steam versions. Pay what you want ($1 minimum for a Steam key).

I played the original Alan Wake a while ago on the 360 and enjoyed it, although it became a bit repetitive towards the end. It’s worth trying if you haven’t already played it.

I borrowed the original off a friend and went on to buy a copy during a Steam sale, I’d definitely recommend it, great game.

Good use of music too, plays a song at the end of each chapter which generally relates to what happened during said chapter.

This should be instantly recognisable for anyone that’s played the game:

The original game was a bad Diablo clone, but it was set in a huge world and had a really haunting soundtrack.

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