Advent Rising

Okay this must be on of my most anticipated games right now.

I urge you all to go to and check some videos and imagery as well as interviews.

When I heard GlyphX (the guys who made the FMV sequences for the Legacy of Kain games) were gonna make a new game I just had to check it up.It’s coming for the Xbox Q1 2005.

I’ve learned to look past the standard scifi/alien/space or medieval-times/dungeon&dragons aspects of games.There was a time when everything within these genres made me sigh.

Since this is gonna be heavily focused on story I’m happy.I wanna play this game!It appears there are gonna be three of them too.

Your thoughts or pre-formed ideas?

Wow… An entire post about Advent Rising, and not a single mention of the writer, Orson Scott Card?

He’s constantly beeing talked about already.

And quite frankly I know very little about him altho he seems to be a great success at least in the states…

You’ve never read Ender’s Game?!?! Heck, I even got my gf to read that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone tell that guy about Deed Polls. He might be greatful…

I could throw you the name of some fancy portuguese writer could I not?You would probably wouldn’t know him and he still would have impact here in Portugal and probably in a part of Europe.

Apart from super-duper best sellers we don’t really hear anything about US books around here you know?


Holy crap, might actually have to check that one out.

Wow, thanks Gehn, i would probably not have heard of this game if it wasn’t for this topic (I haven’t been paying much attention to games news recently). I’ll defintely be keeping an eye on this game :anjou_happy:.

Oh, and the sound track is awsome, I love the demo of the Aurelian Battle Theme.

Did anyone seen the CG movie and the gameplay movie?I quite frankly think they were both awesome.

I love how the guy breaks necks and if you read the interview of the 20 questions youll learn some quite interesting things.

In this trilogy the things you did in the first game will affect the second.

A good example (presented by IGN) was a decision you had to make at the very begining of the game.

Minor spoilers ahead ***

You in a ship about to crash : your already wounded brother and your fianc? in the ship with you.You can only save yourself and one person more.You gotta choose.The cool thing is that the characters are very significant and it seems the one you save will be seen thru-out the 3 games.

This game as other kinds of RPG elements namely your powers evolution.The more you use (either wall running, or telekenisis , or guns or whatever) the more proficient you become.

The array of fighting abilities, powers and wepons as well as vehicles is astounding too…

I’m very excited.It appears Card is going to write one book for each of the three games too.I might check out Ender’s Game or Shadow one of these days to see what everyone is talking about… (they say he’s good…)

Drenholm: actually finding about this game was also by accident in my case.I was looking for the website of GlyphX to see if they had other projects (i only knew them for the FMV sequences in the Lok games…).

I wouldn’t have really paid much attention to the game to be honest, if Orson Scott Card wasn’t attached to it, but I like how some companies are taking story more seriously now and going out and getting professional writers to take part in the development process. I hope it works out. What I’ve seen of the game looks good for it’s genre. It’s just I usually don’t play more than one action game a year and when I do my preference runs more towards mindless slugfests. :anjou_embarassed: