Actor Heath Ledger Dead

So, I’m sure most people on here have already heard, but actor Heath Ledger, who recently completed filming the sequel to Batman Begins, died yesterday of an apparent overdose.


I’ve been looking forward to see his performance as The Joker for ages.I have a hunch it will be something quite special. Well it’s sad he’s gone, of course. Do they know the cause of death yet?

The really tragic aspect is the speculation that his role in TDK might have affected his death; because he got so into his character he eventually developed insomnia. The prescription sleeping pills, I believe were his own. He probably just took one-too-many and accidentally killed himself. These sort of things happen.

I personally don’t believe he was suicidal, although if that were the case, it seems that we’ll never know.

Well yes, what I meant by cause of death was what he had done exactly. I didn’t know sleeping pills could potentially kill a person. Yikes!