About the Dragon Cycle Theory

I haven’t been around for years now but I’m glad to see TWOTA is alive and well.

The first thing that poped to my eyes was the brand new Dragon Cycle Theory… I read it and it had some nice points of view though it lacks one thing: the D-Units.

Not mentioning these wouldn’t be much of a concern if they weren’t a requirement to get Solo Wing (as far as I know it’s impossible to grow from Arm straight to Solo). This relates somehow Lagi’s growth to the inhabitants from the Ancient Age and their experiments deep in Uru lab. Why would Lagi need to get these artifacts to grow back to its full fledged form? How did Lagi know about them in the first place?

I may be lacking a lot of info since I never had the chance to play Orta and I do not know what I’m missing when it comes to this Ancient Age matter… so feel free to fill me in or guide me to the proper theory thread…

Was the Heresy Program created by the people from the Ancient Age? Or did the Heresy Program monitored them in order to store info on these artifacts for future use like Sestern does with relevant info?

About the Dragon Crests… Rather than a path to Sestern they may be a path to Heresy. The Heresy Program may have created these so that the Divine Visitor would be able to travel in between specific places. Yet this is a far fetched theory since it comes out of concordance to Lagi’s suspended state leftovers. These can be connected by an even odder theory, important spawn points… :anjou_embarassed: . But consider this dimensional travel with the Red/Blue Ruins example.

About the pup in PDS. After reading the Dragon Cycle Theory I came up with a thought that would connect my crest pseudo-theory to the pup.
Due to the extreme energy required to obliterate the Tower, Lagi needed a lot of time to recover from the stress to come back and finish it’s task. Although, with the recent activity in the Uru Tower triggered by Craymen and the finding of the key element Azel, forced Heresy to boot Lagi earlier than expected. Since Lagi wasn’t ready yet, Heresy computed a reasonable part of Lagi to be left in the crest recovering whatever was left for it to be fully healed and sent out the mentioned lesser dragon, Basic Wing with the ability to evolve in a short period of time (and probably using the knowledge of the D-Units from data gathering that would boost the growth considerably) and use the “leftovers” later on to merge with Light Wing.
Lagi probably showed up from the crest shown before the elevator as the Basic Wing and the remnants (the pup) would stay inside Heresy to be spawned in whatever crest it would be needed. The fact of the pup showing its form in the Shellcoof (spirit of Solo Wing) may be related to this tower re-activation endangering the crest or just suggesting the final blow on this tower before it becomes a menace once again. Otherwise the pup could appear over at the same crest Basic did.

The crests over Zoah aren’t real crests. It’s a mechanism created by the Heresy Program to merge the pup with Light Wing (probably Sestern was aware of the creation of this device and sent out Infested Grig Orig to destroy them or bury them under ashes and rumble).

Yes, these theories are quite faulty but I think they point out some valid points somewhere over all this rubbish but my main point is again the D-Unit factor… it’s a must have in the dragon cycle in my opinion.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Ultimately I still prefer to think of the Solo Wing form as an easter egg, because looking at every detail involved in getting to it will always become a tangled mess. Especially since there’s as many different takes on what the crests mean as there are people who have brought it up. I think people usually forget that we seem to take the crest out of Shelcoof and place it in the other receptacle to make the transformation so… hell maybe the dragon pup is just a projection from the crest. I mean if Lagi’s information was stored in the crest somehow then what’s the point of the pup? Other than to fly behind you looking cute…

This is just my personal feeling about it, but the whole deal is so randomly obtuse seeming that I have never been able to find any hint of a satisfying explanation. Which I can at least believe there’s a satisfying explanation to be found for virtually every other circumstance in the games. That said I’m all about the D-Units also, the Light Wing isn’t given very much respect for being the primary optional bonus to work for in the game. I had one idea that perhaps the Heresy Dragon did not want to cross the genetic profiles until all the D-Units were collected, otherwise the proto-dragon gene base could contaminate and mutate the incomplete Light Wing gene base since it was less than “perfect”.

In the end though I’m inclined to believe it’s simply the one glaring example of videogame conventions infringing on the otherwise immaculate storytelling, in Azel. I always felt that the continuity of the dragon forms, all the way to and including Light Wing… indicates that in narrative terms it should be taken as the dragon’s evolution being driven by finding the D-Units, even though you don’t need to have found any to evolve in terms of the game system.

BTW, other than the fact of the separation between the “Heresy” program/soul and the physical dragon being made plain (which is the seed of the whole controversy I guess) … there’s really nothing else pertinent to this issue to be found in Orta. More’s the pity I guess…


Can’t help thinking that making up all these theories it’s a bit pointless… It’s more of getting excuses for stuff that not even Team Andromeda’s script writers thought of while writing the plot :anjou_sigh:

But a great deal of games are like this… leaving players/fans gaps for them to fill themselves.

Probably both Light Wind and Solo Wing are nothing more but bonuses indeed but as you stated…

Oh well…

Welcome back, gunblade.

Panzer Dragoon Orta doesn’t really explain anything about the D-Units (although it does say “Gene base code 12 confirmed. Welcome home, master.” at the end of Episode 6, possibly referring to the D-Units in some way).

My belief is that the Heresy Program was created in the Ancient Age by the Ancients, and the Light Wing was probably related to this program in some way. But the Light Wing project was terminated, resulting in the necessary “data” being split into twelve pieces and scattered around the continent.

Unless my memory is betraying me, am I right in thinking that the Light Wing was required to break into the Red Ruins in order to access the crest to use the two dragons to the become the Solo Wing? It might be that the Light Wing wasn’t necessary to become the Solo Wing, and that only the dragon pup and the crest were actually needed.

True, it might well be that the Light Wing and Solo Wing were nothing more than Easter Eggs. But I can’t bring myself to except that while an explanation can exist. The fact that the Light Wing is written about in Ancient records shows - to me - that there was meant to be a history surrounding this dragon form.

I don’t know if we’ll ever find a single satisfying explanation either, but in some ways, that makes the mystery more intriguing. The writers/developers may or may not have thought it out all the way through, but like gunblade mentioned, this could have been done intentionally to give the players room to fill in the details themselves, which is one of the main reasons I like to compile these kinds of theories.