About PD Saga & Orta

Well,something stroke my attention while taking a look at the secrets guide the admins of this sist have created(nice work guys).The visuals look somewhat smoother and the colors are brighter.Is that a simulated version?Where did you get it?And something else:In each PD before “Orta” you can achieve Solo Wing if you do specific things or get specific score.Have you done this in “Orta”?I mean,if you collect every “gene” does the dragon form into the Solo Wing?If someone noticed pls send your opinions here or mail me at jedi_k_ring_2003@yahoo.gr

There is no way to transform into Solo Wing in Orta no.

Lance made that PDS secrets guide if that’s what you’re talking about. The screenshots were captured using the GiriGiri Saturn emulator, which can be downloaded from the Programs section.

I was a little disapointed that you couldn’t turn into the Solo Wing in Panzer Dragoon Orta, but someone on the old forums pointed out that since the Heresy Program is no longer part of the dragon, it would make sense that he would no longer change into the same forms, which could be why the dragon looks more an ‘animal’ in Orta (at least, its normal form).

panzerdragoon.net/theories/l … theory.php

however, you can play as the blue dragon…

i’m not sure the criteria to unlocking it, but it eventually becomes a selectable dragon form in box game.

True, it’s just not part of the storyline, like in the other games, just an unlockable bonus for fans.

Cough cough?