About Orta and Xbox 360 in 720

Back on my PS2 days I always told myself I’d someday buy an Xbox just to play Orta. How time flies.

Anyway, I’ve read that Xboxes of version 1.6 won’t let Orta render in 480p, so I should buy a previous version. But I’m also considering a 360 if it lets me play Orta in 720/1080. That would be awesome. I only care about experiencing the game as best as posible. So, can I play Orta in HD with a 360? Or is it just 480 upscaled?

Long time panzer fan here, from the saturn days. I’ve seen this site through 3 or 4 redesigns, I just never did make an account until now.

I was about to reply here saying that it wasn’t backwards compatible with the 360 but en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xb … h_Xbox_360 suggests otherwise.

I couldn’t comment on the upscaling (although I imagine that’d be the case) but here’s some notes to keep in mind from that wiki page:

Right time to buy myself an Orta copy then.

I’ve done some testing in that regard. it seems to me like it’s being upscaled from 480P on the Xbox360. So theoretically, if you have an old Xbox that can run the game in 480P over component, it could approach the same quality and possibly run a bit smoother and without the problems caused by the Xbox360 emulation. I remember some artifacts disappearing when setting the Xbox360 to 480P, but didn’t test that thoroughly. But I wouldn’t get a PAL Xbox360 in any case, given how the game crashes on that one.

Yeah I never planned to buy PAL. Are you sure about no 720p in the 360? And could you be more descriptive about these artifacts on the 360?

I run my 360 on a 720p screen and it looks like it is just upscalling it to the larger picture size. Doesn’t look horrible, at least on the Samsung I have.

Can’t believe this game is 10 years old.

I know man, it still looks great. The art doesn’t age, but the graphics were ahead of their time too. The devs really did a great job with PD Orta. It must be that workaholic work ethic I hear so much about.

Off topic, but why the hell are you advertising Fifa coins on this website?

So, Orta looks potentially better on the 360? I ought to buy a non-arcade 360 and test the Japanese version out I have.

I just picked up a copy of Orta, havent played it yet, will post later when I get some time. I hope it is as good as the original three. I saw that you can play the original game as well, does anyone know how.

I plan to pick up a copy of Orta as well (NTSC) so I can play it on my 360. From what I’ve read, the original Panzer Dragoon is unlocked when the player A) beats the game (Orta), or B) Has 5 hours logged.

I’m really interested in knowing whether or not the original Panzer Dragoon bonus game works well on the 360. Please let us know how if/when you end up unlocking it. My Saturn is broken and emulators don’t quite do the game justice. There is a PS2 version of PD (Sega Ages 2500 Volume 27), but it’s in Japanese and is going for about twice as much as Orta online.

PD1 works just fine on the 360. I believe it is actually a port of the PC version. Again, on my 720p, this title is obviously upscaled and more noticeable than Orta. Controls work well on the 360 controller. I think, but don’t quote me on this as it has been years since I popped in the Saturn version of PD1, but I think that the textures are slightly sharper on the 360 due to it being the PC port. I think the Orta package is nice just for all the extras you get playing it anyway. Definitely think this is a better option than the PS2 port.

Thanks for the info!