A war or an armistice?

I know this may be somewhat late considering that my article has been up for more than a week, but I just wanted to take the time to thank sincerely Lance Way for his diligent proofreading of my “War Without End” theory and insightful commentaries on the rough drafts, and for Solo Wing Dragon to take the time and effort out of his own busy schedule to format and upload the article onto the site. Kudos to the both of you.

Now that the article has been up for some time, however, and people have had an opportunity to digest it, I’d just like to ask what the general membership thought of my theory? Were you convinced by it? Or do you think that it’s a lot of misinterpreted rubbish and obfuscation? I’d like to know about others’ reactions to it, so I can improve future contributions - comments and ciriticism, both positive and negative, are all greatly appreciated!

I have my own suspicions about the nature of the mutated monsters (which is a story for another day), but overall, that’s not a bad theory Robert.

I think the Heresy dragon was always meant to destroy the Towers as a way of preventing them from turning on their own human masters when they returned after the Towers had restored the world to its former glory. What the Heresy dragon was not supposed to do was kill Sestren Exsis. I guess we may never know.

I still haven’t read your article Robert.But I eventually will like I do with other people’s articles.

This from Robert? Tsk! :anjou_happy:

I’ll look it up. I’m sure it’s very interesting!

It was a good read Robert, though I remain unconvinced. You may use a few more words than is really necessary, but coming from me that’s like the Arachnoth calling the Glide Dragon a monster. And you probly just know more words than me in the first place. :anjou_happy:

I was struck by the moral play, it was unusual in that respect. But I found it especially interesting because it gave me the distinct impression that you’re craving coherence on more than just the level of knowledge, but rather understanding. Despite the title, the underlying premise is more about a “why” than a “what”.

Questions such as who created what, and even why they may have done so on the surface, are fairly common. Actually talking about it in terms of how it all may fit together as a heroic or tragic or maybe even revolting chain of events is far less so. I felt a direct connection to the more subtle issues you’re trying to make sense of, though many of my answers are very different.

I have also always been concerned with the issue of the justice of events in the games. A huge part of why Panzer Dragoon is so special is that there are no simple bad guys, and possibly no real heros either. I would say your one possible outright mistake in the theory is in ascribing something like altruism to any particular faction.

I see things as likely both more complex and more obvious in a way. I hope to present more on that sometime soon. But I really wanted to reply here in hopes that it’s still possible to stir up interest!